Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year, New Look

I figured that the start of a new year is a perfect time to mix things up around here, and now I have the "Minima Lefty Blogger Template" to show for it. Because 2008 is all about living on the cutting edge, folks.

Do I even need to tell you I'm kidding? I don't think that the description "cutting edge" has ever been used in reference to someone like myself. Someone who falls asleep at 11:30 on New Year's Eve, wakes up enough to see the ball drop through slitted eyes, and then drops off again, pausing only long enough to turn off the TV with the clicker.

I've been thinking about 2007, but I am so foggy lately that I found myself mixing up events and years like someone with early onset dementia. I kept fondly thinking of 2007 as the year that brought us Sally. Except that Sally was born in 2006. My bad.

I'm sure you'll excuse me if I opt out of waxing nostalgic this year. I find it almost impossible to do right now, since all of my energy has been focused forward, on 2008, for such a long time. Bun is coming this year - in a few more weeks - and it is hard to look back when you have this much mass hurtling you toward the finish line. A gestational juggernaut, if you will.

So this year, the 2007 HomeFront Retrospective is presented in a truncated, meme-style version that I first saw over at Musings of a Housewife. It sounded like easy fun (the best kind, if you ask me), so I stole co-opted it. I am posting (in a link form in case you choose to peruse) the first sentence of my first blog post of each month, and, if I have one, a corresponding picture for that month. I can't promise any great shakes on the pictures, since a) I generally do not post pictures of the kids, and b) I realized that 99% of the pictures I do manage to take are all of the children.

Let's see what we the old blog coughs up, shall we?

January 2007: Ah, here we are in 2007, and it crept into Chez Langan and caught us all unawares. Because we were asleep, folks. Not a creature was stirring. It was a New Year's "Rockin" Eve, indeed.

February: Today is my father's birthday, and although he rarely reads this blog, I'm giving him a shout out anyway.

December: Oh wait . . . yeah, she is heavy.

There you have it: 2007 in blog review format. With some pictures to boot. Aren't you all so lucky?
While spending too much time skulking around my archives, I noticed that I call you all "my friends" very often. I hope you don't mind, because I do think of you as my friends, which is something I didn't really think was possible through such an impersonal medium as a computer.
But you are out there, and you are lovely people, and I wish you only the best things in life for 2008.
Happy New Year, my friends!


  1. You did better than I did ringing in the new year. I fell asleep on the couch around 10:30 while Princess and Honey were playing Memory.
    By 11 we had all moved upstairs to our bedrooms and were fast asleep with TVs off before midnight.

    Oh, I was curious... I noticed no mention of Rob. Did he get to deliver the first baby of 2008 for his hospital?

  2. I was reading through your previous posts and saw your reference to MST3K. Love it! I LOVE the movie, and used to watch the show every chance I got. I had to let you know.

  3. we got the kiddos to bed around 10:30, then stayed up playing wii. i am ashamed to say that between the 4 adults in our house that night, we only managed to put away about 3/4 of a bottle of champagne. slacker's all of us. but it was fun!

    happy new year to you too, my friend!!

  4. omg, did i just use an apostrophe for a plural!!?? i did. shows where my head is today.


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