Thursday, February 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad! **UPDATED

** Dad extends hearty thanks for all the birthday wishes - he read each one in person, too!

Today is my father's birthday, and although he rarely reads this blog, I'm giving him a shout out anyway. (I believe he actually said I can't believe my daughter's a blogger when I told him about this. I'm not sure how to take that. Does that mean, I can't believe my daughter's a blogger! She's so damn smart and funny that she should have done this years ago! Years, I say! Or does that mean: I can't believe my daughter's a blogger. She better not put anything about me on there or I'll get her for libel! What a fruitcake . . .)

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday,
We love you,
Happy Birthday and may all your dreams come true,
When you blow out the candles,
One light stays aglow,
It's the love-light in your eyes
Where'er you go
- Tom Chapin

If you want to send Dad some birthday love, leave a comment and I'll get him to check it out . . . it's one of the (very) few perks of having Aimee, The Blogger, for a daughter.


  1. Happy Birthday Aimee's Dad! I hope every day brings a new blessing. Dads are special.

    Enjoy your day!

  3. Marguerite4:49 PM

    Happy Birthday Dad Simon!
    We love you!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday, Baba! Enjoy your day in all its work-filled glory!

    But seriously - a very happy birthday to a man I'm proud to have as my father - I am sure Aimee agrees with that!

    Love! Juls

  5. Anonymous1:05 AM

    As I look back on my childhood, I remember you as one of the few fathers amongst my peers that I truly admired. Much Love and Happy Birthday!
    ~Kimmy (Laine)

  6. Happy Birthday Mr. Simon!!

    Amy Marie


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