Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Five Favorites: The Overheard Edition

I always enjoy reading Colleen's "That's What She Said" and Grace's "Conversations with Julia" posts.  I'm sorry, but kids are hilarious.  If you have not laughed your head off at something a kid has said to you then you are either a) not exposed to children on a regular basis or b) you are a robot.  

Scratch that. Even robots think kids are funny.

My kids are no different than any others, and you can usually find us hooting like loons over something stupid at any given moment.  I often think that I'll put up a "kids say the darnedest things" kind of post.

But, but, but . . . . there's this thing called Facebook.  I know not everyone is on Facebook, but it is so much quicker for me to type out a funny kid quote there than it is to make a whole post here.  Plus, all my far flung family, who don't necessarily read this blog, will be able to laugh along with me.   Facebook trumps blog in that respect.

So, for all my dear blog friends who are not on Facebook, I just went over to my Facebook wall and pulled five of my favorite funny kid quotes or conversations so I could play along with Hallie, et al.  The only thing I changed are their names, since I don't use pseudonyms on Facebook.  


Sally Quote of the Day:

(while eating some freshly washed grapes) "Mom, these are delicious!! Every time you make grapes, they turn out so great!!"


Bun, talking about a gift he made me in school:

"I'm not supposed to tell you what it is, so I'll just tell you this: it is a rectangle, with a picture of me in it, and you hang it up. But that's it, I won't tell you anything else."


(after I helped him with something while holding the baby)
Bun: Mom! You did all that with only ONE hand!
Me: That's because I'm awesome.
Bun: You ARE awesome! You are even more awesome than if I had a monkey!


Rob leaves brain teasers and trivia questions for the kids each morning before he goes to work. Today it was identifying acronyms, with "DoD" being one of them. After the kids figured out it meant "Department of ..." , they each finished it in their own way:

"Dogs!" "Detection!" "Donuts!" "Destruction!" 


(lots of whispering while eating lunch):

Me: What are you guys whispering about over there?
Bun: We're talking about good choices and bad choices.
Me: Oh, you mean like helping people and being kind or hurting people and being unkind?
Bun: Well . . . yeah, that too . . . but mostly about how it's a bad choice to go out and try to catch a mouse for the family.

And a bonus SIX, just because it was so random, which makes it even funnier.

While brushing Sally's hair after her shower tonight:

"I love when you brush my hair with that brush when my hair is wet. It feels just like a raccoon brushing my hair."


  1. Ha! Love them all! But the mouse one especially. Like, "Hmmm, Mom won't let us get a mouse for a pet, so how about we go catch one". "That might not be a good choice." At least they are discerning little buggers!

  2. I love all of these but I think number one is my favorite!

    At 9 and 10 my kids don't say too many cute things any more. :(


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