Friday, June 28, 2013

Seven With One Blow!

I have not been here on the old blog for over a week in any way, shape, or form.  I wrote Sally's birthday post ahead of time and scheduled it to post on her birthday, so I've actually been gone for more like a week and a half.

Even if I am not posting anything I am usually here tinkering with drafts or starting new posts that become the drafts with which I tinker.   But I just had to sign in to Blogger with my password because I've been away for so long.   

Summer . . . no rest for the weary, I'm afraid.  That's why Jen invented Quick Takes, and don't tell me any different.


This week was our parish's vacation bible school and the kids had a blast as usual.

Our VBS is run by the parish's choir director and a small army of volunteers.  Our choir director is also a music teacher and her helpers are heavily involved with the performing arts and local theater, so the show for the parents at the end of the week is pretty amazing.

This year, we had some fantastic instrumentalists, a ukulele strumming trio of high schoolers, choreographed dances, a video of the kids reenacting the story of Moses, and a really funny skit.  I just love that my kids were belting out John 3:16 in song on a rainy Thursday night.

I think the best part, though, was when Baby stood up and yelled out each of her siblings names as she saw them singing and dancing and then clapped for them individually.  So sweet.


Cable television for children is one big awful hot mess during the summer.  It's not really your friend during the school year, either, but the summer programming is truly wretched.  Some of the cartoons and tweeny shows are the worst, worst, worst.

During these long hot afternoons, when babies and toddlers are sleeping, the big kids like to lounge a little and enjoy some frigid A/C.  I've been letting them watch old cartoons on Netflix and they are a big hit.  "The Brave Little Tailor" (hence the title of this post) and "The Three Little Pigs" are the current favorites.  It is hilarious to hear Mopsy skipping around singing "Who's afraid of the big bad wolf, big bad wolf, big bad wolf?"

At first I thought maybe it was too scary, what with the pigs squealing and the wolf growling and chasing them relentlessly, but I watched the kids watching the cartoons and I realized something.  Kids already know there is danger in the world.  They already know there are people with nefarious intentions.  Even the little girls can see through the wolf's disguises without being told.

These cartoons are ordered towards a family unit, living with each other and protecting one another from outside threats.  Neighbors look after one another and band together.  These old cartoons are refreshingly free of sarcasm, snark, and that popular ironic disdain for family life so present in today's television.

They're not perfect, but I like them a heck of a lot better than all the other junk.


I've been Netflixing quite a bit in the evenings myself.  I should be reading or cleaning or something, but, but, but . . . it's summer.  I got nothing, I'm lazy.

Rob and I have been enjoying "Sherlock" and I'm getting caught up on "Call the Midwife."  Barbara, I'm ready for a discussion post when you are!

What are you all watching these days?


This kid . . . gah.   While shopping for Sally's birthday gift (scooter. pink, natch.) I turned around when I heard him call out, "Mom, I love this bike!  This is what I want for my next birthday!"

A dirt bike?  Methinks not.

Saints preserve us.  And him.


Mopsy and Baby are less than 14 months apart.  13 months and 23 days to be exact, so it isn't surprising when people ask me if they are twins.    They have never seemed like twins to me, mostly because I spend all of my time with them and I can see all those subtle differences that a year of growth make.

Then Rob texted me this picture from our backyard:

Okay, people, I can see how they look like twins.  Same hair color, same little chin, same blue eyes, and same size!


Do you read Dwija over at House Unseen?  Chances are you do since her blog is pretty great and she already has tons of followers.

But in case you don't, and you are looking for a little way to perform a work of mercy these days, then maybe you'd consider donating to a fundraiser to overhaul her wretched, wretched laundry room.  The only way her laundry situation could get worse would be if she had to beat her clothes on rocks down at the river.  And then at least she wouldn't have the threat of electrocution hanging over her.

Dwija did not organize any of this - Cari over at Clan Donaldson did.  See, Dwija is in the midst of a crisis pregnancy.  The kind where most doctors counsel "termination" and she is facing lengthy hospitalization and she is praying her way through.  You can read about Little Nicholas here.

Sometimes, on this great big inter web, it is hard to be the hands and feet of the Church to each other.  We can encourage each other with prayers and words, and we do and we should, but sometimes don't you just wish you could do something - anything - that would lighten another's burden?

Well, this is a chance.  If you can, help Dwija get a laundry room makeover before she has to go into the hospital and leave her husband to single parent her other five children.   Go here and check it all out before Sunday night.    You can donate via PayPal or directly by check/gift card.    Here is the running tally of what has been raised to date.

And even if you can't donate, keep Dwija and Nicholas and the Borobias in your prayers.  That's the best thing you can always donate.


Bun is infatuated with maps and atlases.  He has recently asked me to procure a globe for the house so that he can see what a map looks like stretched around the world.   He is reading three different atlases concurrently and he spends most of his leisure time practicing to be the next Amerigo Vespucci.

He also had me look up the hours for the map room of the Library of Congress, just in case we get the chance to go there this summer.

Then Rob texted me this picture while I was at the grocery store:

Bun drew this free-hand and without any map for reference or spelling.   I especially enjoy "Indonisa" and "Papa New Gini."  He also told me that he really had to squeeze Luxembourg in there so I probably wouldn't be able to see it too well.

Seriously, what do I do with him?  He's either doing something like this or he's wanting to ride a dirt bike or jumping off the top of the swing set trying or to ride a scooter with the atlas under his arm.

I'm thinking his Kindergarten teacher is going to be exhausted.  

Happy weekend, my friends!  Enjoy it!


  1. I can't believe that map he drew. What a little genius. And yes they look like twins in that picture, we get the same reaction with Eamon and Maggie. I wish we had vbs around here, for now altar sever boot camp will have to do!

  2. Karen M8:47 AM

    I think this map is incredible! Is Bun almost 6? Did you teach him to read and write or did he pick it up on his own? I hope you date it and save it. You'll need it when he wins a geography bee. :)

    Bun's constant desire to learn is a consolation for me. My oldest son, who is turning 5 within a month, prefers non-fiction to storybooks these days. Dinosaurs, space, animals, atlases, historical figures, etc., really float his boat! I've been holding off with teaching him to read, but he's so ready and eager that I think we'll tackle it this summer before his young-5s class begins.

    Thanks for sharing your little slice of life with us randoms! You really encourage me with your openness to life and realistic but still positive outlook. :) I always look forward to reading your posts when they pop up in my RSS!

  3. Wow! They really do look like twins in that picture!

    And the map?! Holy Smokes! Get that boy and globe ASAP!!

  4. I hear you on boys with nonfiction-itis! Both of my boys, as preschoolers, always wanted nonfiction books, NOT stories, with real photographs, NOT drawings and especially not cartoons. Made it particularly challenging when the subject of their fascination was dinosaurs...

    You'll have to let Bun explore where his intellect takes him. I imagine it's going to be far and wide.

    Your little girls do look like twins, though I am sure that once anyone spent time with them, they'd immediately be able to pick out which one is 2 and which one 3.

  5. great takes! re: the netflix, older cartoon thing--- we've found the same genius with the older batman tv series (you know, burt ward, ka-pow! holy knuckle sandwich, batman). there's even a MOVIE on there. great stuff.


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