Friday, July 12, 2013

Celebrating the Good Times. Just Like Kool and the Gang Told Me.

For a person who has been going around telling people that we don't really have anything planned for the summer, I've been waaay busier than I expected.

I am heavily involved with a project here at The HomeFront.  And no, that is not code for "I'm pregnant" as someone asked me the other day. I mean really? I just . . . I don't know . . . whatever, people. Assume what you will.

But before the project deets, how about some overdue pictures of our July 4th celebration?

We started out going to the Kutztown Folk Festival.  This area is kind of famous for its Pennsylvania Dutch heritage, even though all the old "Dutchies," as they call themselves, are dying out now.  Of course, they aren't really Dutch, they are German, but let's not get confused with the facts.

The Folk Fest is held every year, and it celebrates the PA Dutch heritage and influence in this region.  There are classically German/PA Dutch handiworks and crafts, such as scherenschnitte, metal work, hex signs, and of course all the hand made quilts on display in the quilt barn.

I didn't get any pictures of the quilts this year because no one except me ever wants to go in the quilt barn, but one of the highlights of the festival is the quilt auction at the end of the week.  These quilts are magnificent and they don't go cheap!

All of the festival signs are hand painted and in both English and
Pennsylvania Dutch, which is derived from German but evolved into it's own thing.
It's very unique; English mixed with German but with a syntax all it's own. And it is a
spoken language, not a primarily a written language.
I have known many people in my life who
spoke both languages.  

Baby, trying to hang out in the shade of the stroller.
We always pick a day that's  hotter than the face of the sun.
We enjoy being sweaty.

Rob giving the thumbs up to hand cut fried potatoes.
Who could not give a thumbs up to hand cut fried potatoes?

Hand painted hex sign on wood

Epple Knepp ("nepp")!  Didn't get one, but they are so good.
So is "schnitz und knepp" - ham with apples and dumplings

Septimus, trying not to baste himself in his own sweat.

Children's Street?  Ah yes, we have found our spot.

This guy is a maniac.  And I say that with all the love in my heart.

So is this one.

Holding her breath trying to get rid of hiccups . . .


These boys are such good buddies.  I hope they always keep
that relationship.

According to Sally, this is her "fake mad" face.
That's the smiliest mad face I've ever seen.

Can you tell which one of my children
likes to pose for photos?

It sure isn't this one!
Francie, granting me the rare photo privilege.

You can get full chicken dinners with all the fixings here at any time.
Just what you want to tuck into when it's 92 degrees out, right?

Yes, please.

After the festival we had a really lovely picnic hosted by my brother and his wife.  Of course I have no pictures of that part because I was too busy lounging in their recliner in the central air.  I was celebrating my freedom from the humidity.

Once the 4th was past, we started these shenanigans:

Plastic canopy, anyone?

So. much. junk.

The Great Room Switch of '13.  It's not nearly as organized as it looks.

But I'll have to save it all for another post because it's now midnight and my right hand has cramped into a claw from clutching a paint roller all day.   Good thing I don't know how to type for real anyway, my fingers wouldn't flex for that.

Happy weekend, friends!


  1. LOVE all the PA Dutch stuff - thanks for posting :) A holdover from AC days is that whenever someone says "kutztown" we do a chant: "KUTZtawhn, KUTZtawhn, ja dat's nice!" Hmm, not a written language at all.

    Also love those photos- sally looks just like francie, and that pic of Rob looks like Bun in 20 years (you're all still in your 20s, right?)

  2. Oh my goodness, we should definitely come visit you during this Festival. Food, beer,'s made for big families! I am excited to read about the room switchup, I love hearing about other's hard work and pain - bwahahahahaha!

  3. Can Sal Gal come to my house for the rest of the summer (if everyone can't come, that is)?


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