Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Hard Sell

Bun got a free ticket to the circus.  He really wants to go.   Being the progeny of a frugal Scotsman, he recognizes a deal and this ticket has a "$7.99 VALUE!"

The problem lies not in the ticket, but in the fact that Rob loathes the circus.  He went to the circus once as a child, and subsequently fell dangerously ill and was hospitalized.  I don't think the circus had anything to do with his illness, but the association is there for him.  Ixnay on the ircuscay.

I told Bun that we may not be going because it's in the middle of the week and, you know, Daddy has circus issues.

He told me I should text Rob and say, "pleeeease can [Bun] go to the circus for a $7.99 VALUE ticket."  Verbatim.

Instead, I told him that I would make a phone video of him telling his dad why he wants to go to the circus, and maybe that would sway him.

Here's the pitch:

(Minute mark 1:50 and forward is solid gold funny, listen carefully. I might take him to the circus for that alone.   And no offense meant to anyone affiliated with the IceCapades, so forget about my crazy laughing.)

Come on, Daddy.  How can you pass up a $7.99 VALUE?


  1. Anonymous10:00 PM

    That's awesome!! I hope he and Rob have a fantastic time!! ;)
    -Lisa Luciano

  2. Somebody take that boy to the circus! I vote for grandma. ;-)

  3. Soooooooo cute! I can't wait to see pictures from the circus because, seriously, that boy needs to go!

  4. Hold the phone, is he READING off that ticket? If so, I'm moving to PA because you clearly have much better schools. Also, what a HOOT. I am utterly charmed.

    1. He is reading off the ticket, and we do have an excellent school, but in all honesty he taught himself to read this past summer. He and Francie both taught themselves when they were 4 - they just have the gift for it. Sally and Fiver are on a more normal learning curve. :)

      And he is total riot. It saves his butt SO MANY times. :)

  5. But Daddy! He has a free TUCKET! I just love little-kid mispronunciations, and "Ice capades" just killed me. Loved Septimus in the background getting his 2 cents in as well!


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