Sunday, April 14, 2013

Seven Up!

Going for the late, late edition and linking up at Grace's place this week, since Jen is keeping vigil in the NICU with her new little man.  Keep them in your prayers - NICU days are hard on the whole family.


I went to the dentist this week for my 6 month checkup and I have a cavity in one of my teeth.  I was not surprised, since that usually happens after I've had a baby.  They are always pretty small - so small, in fact, that I've had them filled without using Novocaine.  (If you knew what a wimp I am about my teeth, then you'd know just how small that is.)

For some reason, these babies just suck all the cavity fighting mojo right out of me.

 My dentist, who is normally very mild and nice, said he felt like he had just filled a small cavity in the same area, so he asked the hygienist to go through my chart.

Filling in 2006.  Baby? Sally.
Filling in 2008. Baby? Bun.
Filling in 2011. Baby? Between Mopsy and Baby.
Cavity to be filled in 2013.  Baby?  Septimus.

He seemed a little put out by it all.

Dude, why are you being pissy?  I am your dream patient.  I brush and floss like a maniac, I never miss my 6 month checkups, and I STILL need fillings.  Plus, I have supplied your office with seven patients.  I am keeping your cash flow healthy.  In fact, you should be paying me!


It was a big week for Francie.  A sonnet she wrote won first place in a contest sponsored by the local Catholic high school.

She read her poem at the morning awards ceremony and then received her trophy.  Bun tripped over my purse and knocked her trophy to the floor where it broke in half, less than 10 minutes after she received it.   That's how we roll.

Later that afternoon, she was confirmed.  It was a lovely mass, I think mostly because I begged my neighbor to watch the little kids so I could actually pay attention to the sacrament.  (My neighbor shaved off major Purgatory time, since she had to watch the kids through the afternoon witching hours.)

St. Genevieve, pray for her.


Guess what I get to do this week?   I get to meet the Martins and their kiddos on their travels through PA for their vacation!!

We have tried to meet up before, but it has never panned out.  This is the third time we've tried, so I'm feeling optimistic because you know what they say about the third time.

Colleen and I are still making the plans, but I just realized that 3 out of 4 adults in this situation are INFJs.   Phil, you need to bring your conversational A game.  No pressure, I'm sure you can count on the kids to help chat it up.


Assuming things go as planned, Colleen will be the first of my computer friends that I'll meet live and in person.

I'm not going to lie:  I'm starting to sweat it a little.  Hopefully she won't mind my ingrained dorkiness, or the fact that my kids are barely a step above barbarians at times.

Also, if I could wake up 30 pounds lighter with a super cute outfit, I'd feel a lot better.


Despite all my kooky self-imposed hysteria nerves, I'd love to take a summer blog tour to meet all the people I've been reading about for so long.  I could throw the kids in the van and hit the open road.  

Is that weird and stalker-ish?  Doesn't every blogger pack up her 7 children to meet people she's know for over 5 years but has never seen?

So who'd be willing to be a stop on our tour?  Because we are marginally well-behaved in public, most of us use the bathroom on our own, and I will totally bring you a cake or something else yummy.

Plus, there will be a delicious baby to snuggle when we get there.

"Is it cool if I crash here?"


Good news!  Bun's dream just may come true.  We're trying to make plans to take most of our circus to the big circus.  That will be quite the time, I'm sure.


It's 10:30 on Sunday night and I got nothing for #7.  Except a pile of uniforms to get ready for tomorrow, so I'll stop this ramble and see you in the AM.


  1. I want to be on the list...okay, so I only blog about once a year and only comment about twice but I totally want to be on your blog tour!!! So, Jackson, TN may not have a lot to offer but we are neatly wedged between Nashville, the country music capital and Memphis, home of the Blues and, more importantly, Elvis Presley...who can compete with that?

  2. As someone who USED to blog, I would love to be included! You could come back to Pensacola and take a stroll down memory lane. Oh, and of course there's the beach and the delicious southern food. Plus, I have lots of babysitting family we could farm all the children out to and we could have grown-up time - I'm thinking an Irish Wake and dinner at McGuire's? It's a long drive, but you know McGuire's alone is worth it. :)

  3. I was about to say that your "ingrained dorkiness" is just imagined... and then I started to worry that maybe I was so dorky, I didn't catch your vibes, and then... oh, never mind.

    Can I be on the tour even if I'm not far away (now) AND we've already met irl? Oooh, we could plan to meet in FLORIDA. Now that would be fun.

  4. I definitely want on the tour, but I wouldn't drive across town much less across a state and a half to see me with seven kids. Surely you jest or are hoping to be canonized in your lifetime. That said, if you come, I will cook.

  5. Correcting my own grammar -- it's early. I would not drive across a state and a half with seven kids to see me. You have seven, not me.

  6. I'm always up for a baby snuggle - when can I expect you? It actually sounds like the premise for a reality show - perhaps you can get some sponsors and be on TLC! Btw, I recommend a July date for your visit here. It's the month with the least chance of snow in Saskatchewan!!

  7. You HAVE to bring them here! We're close to Philly...and Fiver and Little Brother would totally get along.


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