Sunday, April 07, 2013

12/year: March

You know, I actually thought about trying to schedule this post for the last day of March, but that was Easter Sunday and Mopsy's birthday, so it got sidelined.  Plus, I didn't want anyone to think I was some kind of overachiever who posted for a link-up before the originator of the link-up even got hers posted.

Wouldn't want anyone to get their hopes up that I was getting my act together.  Although, most of these are fuzzy phone snaps anyway, so I guess I don't have to worry about wowing you anytime soon.

Anyway, Barbara put her 12/year post up and I am linking up.  You should do it, too . . . just throw some pictures from March up on your blog.  Easy peasy.

Septimus got a very special package from the fairy godmother of quilts out in Ohio.
As a thank-you, I sent her a picture of my Penn State baby in Ohio State colors. 

Fiver and Sally, watching the announcement of Pope Francis.
Their teachers had them watching the coverage at school, up until they had to get on the bus.
They ran all the way home from the bus stop, hoping they didn't miss the big moment.

Illness felled a significant portion of the household
population during March. 

This is spring baseball practice in PA:  winter hat, Under Armour shirt, sunglasses,
and he topped it with his winter coat.  Friends of ours had their practice
cancelled because of the cold, but Bun's team was out there.

Fun cups for Opening Day.
Also?  Phillies, get yourselves together, men!! 

Sally's patiently waiting for her egg to dye
while Fiver is a blur of perpetual
motion behind her.

Baby believes in the slam dunk
method of egg dyeing.  

Sally's ovoid love note.
(It says, "I love mom")

Baby Mine

No breakfast chocolate?!?  

Bun's special piece of chocolate in his Easter basket
was shaped like a baseball glove with a ball in it.
He would have eaten it all in one sitting if we
hadn't intervened.

Go home, dude, you're drunk!

Boy, am I glad it's April!


  1. AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! What a great bunch of pictures! (Little Brother and Baby have the same approach to egg dyeing--and LB is WAY older than Baby. Hmmm.)

  2. Great pictures -- I especially enjoyed egg dying. I have graduated to not being involved..are you jealous? Love that baby...oh my, so kissable.


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