Thursday, June 02, 2011

Go visit Like Mother, Like Daughter -- you'll be glad you did.


{real.  happy.}

That puddle on the floor?  That's where I melted after seeing how tender Fiver is with Baby.   He's got a heart of gold, that one.


  1. Very sweet photo. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Looks like Baby Sister loves her brother right back. How sweet!

  3. That is a photo for the ages!!! WOW :)

  4. GeeGee5:56 PM

    Fiver has always been a gentle, loving soul. The night you went to the hospital for your delivery, Fiver and Bun slept with me in the "big bed". My back was to Fiver...he thought I was asleep and he was just waking up...He softly stroked my shoulder and reached up to kiss the back of my head. Then he laid down and went back to sleep...I will never forget the sweetness of that moment...I could feel God's Holy Spirit breathing upon us...

  5. Looked at this a dozen times or so . . . and I'm still melting! Just got your adorable announcement in the mail, as well (how do you have time?!?) Bug is totally in awe of the perfection, and the Little Man as well -- he carried it around with him until I was forced to rescue it from certain destruction! Much love to you all -- and congrats, again, on yor newest angel!


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