Sunday, June 05, 2011

Tell It Like It Is

We've had a busy weekend, one that included Sally's first dance recital and all the attendant craziness that big recitals bring.

Rob, having watched his sisters' many dance recitals over the years, was trying to prepare Fiver for what a recital is really like.  That led directly to this exchange I overheard between Fiver and Sally:

Fiver:   Dad said that your recital will be three hours long!

Sally:  No, it won't be that long.

Fiver:  Oh, good.

Sally:   No, it is longer than that.

Fiver:  What?!

Sally (with a sassy hair flip):  Fiver, you know you love to see me dance.


(Sally was correct, by the way.  Her recital was four hours long.  We love the performing arts, but that's a long a time, people.  Let's just say that bringing two cars was one of the best decisions we've made in a while.)


  1. Oh my! 4 hours??? I'm with Fiver....too long for me too and I love the arts. Good thinking on the two vans. :-)

  2. GeeGee6:08 PM

    I must say that I felt guilty when I wanted to leave before the finale. I chalked it up to "getting old". I commend Fiver and Francie for hanging in till the end...I also thank Pop and the Bird for being such good sports (if it was long for us ladies, I'm sure it was almost tortuous for the guys!!)But our gal Sal was the best twirler in the bunch and she was glad we all were there! Can't believe we watched 45 numbers plus seemingly endless testimonials and awards AND THEN the finale! Whew!


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