Friday, May 13, 2011

Sometimes We All Need A Do-Over

Well, apparently I'm not the only one who is strung out.  

Blogger is having a meltdown of epic proportions.  At least, I think it pertains to all of Blogger and not just my blog here.  Or maybe it's something I said? 

For a long while I couldn't access my own blog or any other blog hosted by Blogger.  Then the secret tech people behind the Blogger curtain said that they had removed all posts published after Wednesday.   In essence, Thursday got lost to the ether.

So that means anyone visiting my blog will only see what I published before Wednesday, which for me is practically nothing.  But feel free to enjoy the cold leftovers of last Friday's post.

I did publish something on Thursday, and there was a narrow window of opportunity for reading before it all disappeared.   Maybe "opportunity" is too kind a word, considering how whiny I was, but I do thank the friends who left me encouraging comments.   Thank goodness for comment delivery via email -- even though the post was gone, I still got to read your nice words.

Since any quick takes post I had ready to go was sucked up in the Blogger vacuum, I'll just say that I'm glad the weekend is here.    I get to have my hair cut one last time before Mr. or Miss Baby comes along, and we are going to one of my favorite local restaurants for a family celebration of birthdays and a graduation.  I look forward to waddling all over town.

If you can read this, I hope you have a lovely weekend, my friends.  See you on the flip side.  (As long as Blogger says I may . . . . )  


  1. I'm getting a haircut this weekend too! I wish we were doing it together. ;)

    word verification: 'spern'

  2. Have a lovely weekend! Yay on the haircut! And blessings as you near the end!

  3. Blogger, may I? ;-)

    PS Hang on -- there are a few more days before my predicted date!

  4. molly d5:33 PM

    Blogger cut me off yesterday when I wanted to post a sympathetic comment for you! I wanted to commiserate with you on those final days. I remember I went past due date with our third and my OB suggested I let the other kids watch extra movies until the baby arrived. Well... I think I almost kissed her. Take care of yourself, Mama! Soon enough (or not?) that little one will be in your arms. :)

  5. Well! Hello! This is mostly unrelated to your post, but I think you might like the distraction.

    "Mr. or Miss Baby" ...

    a very nice, older (90+) friend has addressed Kaden's cards to "Master Kaden Jenkins"

    Is that the equivelant of Miss?

  6. lol, yes, Kristi - "master" is the proper address etiquette for a young boy (under 12 , I think) After that, he is a Mister (Mr.) Girls are Miss until they marry -- or join the convent! :)

  7. Yes, blogger was definitely wonkie. It ate my blog template. Glad all is fixed now.
    Hope your weekend was a good one :)


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