Thursday, May 12, 2011

The End is Near

I have hit the pregnancy wall, my friends, and it's not pretty. 

It's not that I hate being pregnant so much, although I do seem to become more uncomfortable with each passing hour if that's possible.   Even with the discomfort, I still enjoy feeling the baby squiggle around.  What annoys me the most is that I have so much to do and no ability (or desire) to do it.  

Rob says he can always tell when the third trimester has officially started to wear thin with me because the most ordinary things annoy the living daylights out of me. 

Case in point:  yesterday, my belly brushed up against the spiky leaves of a pineapple on the kitchen counter.  Instead of reacting like I normally would and calmly moving the pineapple, I thought about how much I hate spiky pineapple leaves.  And how I don't even want to be bothered cutting open the stupid thing to get to the fruit inside.


Right now, I am annoyed with this computer and Blogger and the internet in general.  I can't sit for very long in the computer chair, and I've been trying to upload a video of Francie's piano recital just so I would have something nice to post here. 

Normally, I would sigh and shrug and come back to try it later.  Instead, after wrestling for far too long with the whole uploading process, I wanted to pick up my computer, throw it into the garage, buy a new one and start over from scratch.

I am not very compatible with hormonal irrationality and neither is my family given the way Bun just burst into tears because I chastised him for spilling three drops of milk on the floor.  (And yes, it was literally three drops, but when you have the mobility of a beached whale those three drops look like a puddle.)

I vacillate between feeling guilty that I can't get the kids outside more because I can't move very well, and being annoyed that I have to take them out in the beautiful weather at all.  I am completely ridiculous.

It is taking a supreme act of will to remain as cheerful as I possibly can.  Even my prayers are often short bursts along the lines of "Dear Lord, please don't let this be the day I go around the bend!  Help me to be marginally pleasant!"   

So after all this lovely disclosure, who wants to come over for coffee?  

Just say a prayer for my family, that they can hang in there with me for a little while longer. 


  1. I'd love to come over and make you coffee. I wish I could! At least you recognize you are being unreasonable. I believe that means you are still, at least, sane! Hang in there, little mama.

  2. You can do it! Hang in there. You and baby remain on my prayer list on the fridge, so you are still being prayed for and thought of. :)

  3. You poor thing - bless you that you even see it and feel bad about it! That baby is coming and everything will get back to some state of normal soon =) I will pray for you!

  4. One good thing about blogging and the internet and your computer, it increases your worldwide prayers, for sure. We can be on our knees for the duration that you can't see yours. PM

  5. We pregnant moms HAVE to reach the point you're at. Otherwise, we would never want labor to come! I go through my whole pregnancy fearing the labor, and then at the end, I am begging it to come!! It's just a sign that the end is so close. I'm jealous :)

  6. We will totally come visit you! You aren't THAT far away and then you can see how irrational I am and I'm not even pregnant!! Wow- that'd be a great playdate, no?

  7. Oh, I am praying for you. Every pregnant woman goes through this. I'm getting closer everyday myself. I wish I had some beautiful words of wisdom or a quirky, uplifting phrase to share with you. But I do not. All I can say is that I empathize and am praying.


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