Monday, May 16, 2011


 All of our children have been born on rainy days.   Some during thunderstorms, some during a more gentle shower, but there was rain for all of them.   And three of the five have been born on Fridays.  I guess I just like to get all my work done by the end of the week!

The forecast for this Friday is rain, rain, and more rain.   In fact, this whole week's forecast is for rain every single day.   Is God trying to tell me something?

Oh, I really hope so.

Tomorrow is my official due date, so if you want to proffer a guess in the baby pool, then today is your last day.  

I apologize to anyone who guessed an early arrival -- I would have totally been on board with that!  I guess my babies just like life on the inside.   Fiver would probably still be in there if he could. 

There is nothing happening obstetrically speaking, but I am not too surprised.  I've been 1 cm for at least a month, most likely longer, with no contractions to speak of.   I know that labor can start at any time, without warning, but I also don't pin my hopes on that.  I don't even have a bag packed.  In fact, I have to find my bag before I can pack it.   

Despite all the other general unreadiness, I did have my "baby dream."   For all the other children, I have had very vivid dreams of having the baby (minus the pain, of course).   And each time, the dream baby turned out to be the opposite gender of the baby I eventually had.

Usually I have the dream much earlier in my pregnancy, and I was starting to think that this might be the time when I didn't have one.  But this weekend I dreamed that I had a blond, blue-eyed baby . . . . girl.   And she was born smiling.

So what does that mean?  Will I be having a scowling, dark-haired boy?  Am I just not sleeping enough?  Is my subconscious totally messed up?    The answer could easily be yes to all of those questions.

Only time will tell.


  1. Just hang in there! It won't be much longer now. I'm keeping you in my prayers.

  2. I hope you are in labor right NOW! But Friday would be nice as well. I've never gone to my due date, I think God knows I couldn't handle it?? :)

  3. Still voting for Friday...BOY, do I hope I am right :)


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