Friday, May 06, 2011

Quick Takes Friday


Sometimes, modern science really saves my butt.  

Fiver lost his glasses yesterday, and since they were older and we had no back-up pair, he had to tough it out at school with no glasses.   By the time he came home, I could tell the lack of glasses was really bothering him.  He kept blinking rapidly, he stood very close to whatever he needed to see, and he kept getting his homework wrong because he couldn't read it.

In addition to the glasses being gone, I was also missing his prescription.  I ripped the house apart and found two identical prescripstions for Rob's glasses but none for Fiver's.  

I was hoping that it was just a bad case of pregnancy brain and Rob would come home and find the glasses sitting in plain sight, but no such luck.  Those glasses are gone.  

So there we were, six at night with no glasses, no prescription, and a boy who was starting to have headaches. 

I felt like sitting down and crying from exhaustion, but luckily calmer heads prevailed.  Rob called the glasses place in the mall where we had gotten Fiver's glasses last time.  They still had all his information and as long as we got there by seven, they could have a new pair ready for him that night.

I took Fiver over, and an hour later I was walking out of the mall with a kid who was reading all the tiny print on every sign he passed just because he could.   And I was very thankful for computer records and the technology to whip out a new pair of glasses in an hour.


Speaking of glasses, the last time he went to the opthamologist Rob found out that he has almost "outgrown" his prescription.  The doctor told him that within the next two years, he will no longer need glasses. 

He can already tell the difference in his eyes, and he really doesn't have much discomfort if he goes without glasses.  Rob has worn glasses since he was a child, and he is so jazzed.

Meanwhile, in the next few years, my perfect vision will succumb to age and I will start to need glasses.  I am less jazzed than Rob, but at least we will be trading expenses.  


The kids' school consolidation is moving right along, and Rob and I have been very happy with the progress so far.   From everything I've seen, I think this new school is going to be a great place for the kids.

The prinicipal of the new school will be the principal who is now at the kids' current school.  She has been instrumental in enabling Fiver to stay in a small Catholic school, which are not typically known for being able to accommodate kids with different learning needs.  

We also found out that the 3rd and 4th grade teachers from our school have been chosen for the new school as well.  That means that Fiver's transition to the new school will be made easier by teachers he already knows (and, just as importantly, who know him.)

In additon to all that good news, we just found out that the enrollment in the new school has allowed the creation of 2 first grade classes, 2 second grade classes, 2 fourth grade classes, and 2 sixth grade classes.  This is huge news, especially for the teachers who get those jobs!

The change is still hard and bittersweet, but God works all things for good.  Sometimes you just have to leap out of the boat and meet Him halfway.


Rob asked me what I want for Mother's Day, and I told him that I would like to bend at the waist.  Sigh.

Although I keep having annoying contractions, they are not painful and I know they are not the real deal.  I know it's not a sure thing, but I don't think I will meet this baby for Mother's Day.

That's okay . . . keep growing baby, and I'll meet you soon enough.


Sometimes, when I get ahead of myself and worry about the togetherness of a long, hot summer at home with all the kids and a brand new baby, I start to feel a little nervous about how I'm going to manage.  I want to have a fun, relaxed summer, but I have a feeling that I'll just be strung out.

Then I read this interesting blurb about saints and their birth order.  I'm still nervous about the summer, but hey, maybe one of my kids emerge from this nuthouse spiritually unscathed.  Fingers crossed.


My mom came to help me out for a few days this week, so I got to go to my weekly doctor's appointment alone.   It was the highlight of my week. 

After my appointment, I also got to go out to lunch with Rob.  Where we ate our own hot food, talked without interruption, and did not escort each other to the bathroom.

What does it say about me that I can't decide which part I liked better:  the happy lunch or the carefree feeling of getting in and out of the van without lifting, hauling, buckling, explaining, cajoling, or imposing any kind of moratorium on looking, touching, crying or complaining.

I think the lunch edged out the solo van time, but it was close.  And the whole two hours were pure luxury.   Thanks, Mom! 


On the very rare occasions that Rob and I are out alone together, Rob thinks it's hilarious when strangers mistake this for being our first child.   He's not poking fun at the stranger, of course, because how could they know our state of affairs?  

No, he just thinks of the five ring circus we've got going on at home and he can't help but chuckle.   If they only knew . . .

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Have a happy weekend, my friends, and for all the mothers, grandmothers, godmothers, mothers-in-waiting, and women with motherly hearts . . . . Happy Mother's Day!


  1. You've just gotta love technology!

    I'm with you on the glasses...I have managed 38 years with great vision...but it is starting to fade, it is just a matter of time.

    As for being out on your own...Lilly and I had a girl's night out last night and it was AMAZING how easy it was. Hop in the car, hop out...pure heaven!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. I love your Friday recaps. I must say, good for you that people think this is your first baby. Most people just look at my huge baby bump and assume we have 20 others at home ;)

    Happy Mother's Day!!

  3. His eyes are getting BETTER!!!?? How exciting! I didn't even know that was possible!


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