Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yes, I am still here and still pregnant.   There are no signs of this baby heading south any time soon, so I'll just continue to gestate.   (I think I'm getting the hang of it!)

I am not surprised in the least, given the track record of the other children.  I think I was pregnant with Fiver for approximately 19 months, if you count in "pregnancy time,"  which everyone knows is 1.5 times slower than real time.

Although I hate the waiting, I'm choosing to look on the bright side and think about how these last days are like a little extension for me to make some last minute arrangements.   Rob's schedule has been blocked out, so his days are a little lighter and more flexible, which is a very nice thing.  It's so comforting to contemplate his earlier homecoming when I am ready to lose it with the other kids.  Which is more often than I care to admit these days.

Otherwise, the order of the day is to rest, rest, rest.   I've got some work coming in the near future.

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Sally, our resident princess, is extremely happy with the style of her dance recital costume.  The only drawback is that the puffy sleeves are a little itchy, but sometimes a princess has to put up with itchy fabric.  Just ask the Duchess of Cambridge.


My Mother's Day roses next to my favorite Blessed Mother statue.  These flowers have lasted forever, and Fiver picked them out, saying "Ladies like to get roses."   Indeed.


Here's the aerial belly shot  at +40 weeks.  I know what you're thinking . . . it just looks like a normal baby belly, even if I can't see my feet, right?    Well, guess what?  There's more than feet under this belly  . . . .


 . . . . Sally is also under there!   Yes, that's right, my friends.  My almost 5 year old daughter can sit at my feet and be completely obscured by my belly.   It's time, baby, it's time . . .


  1. Cute, very cute. Um, do you think you could get it done by midnight? Today was my guess. ;-)

  2. Was wondering. Will ratchet up those prayers for the home stretch.

    Pun intended.

  3. That last pic put a huge smile on my face. So cute and so funny!

  4. Tomorrow's the big day!

    *Fingers crossed*


    Do you have an "ideal" birth plan? Stop laughing. We both know nothing goes as planned, but do you have any wishes this time around?

  5. That last one was REAL FUNNY :) She's so cute. She must be truly loving that princess costume.
    Praying that all goes well. Tomorrow. (But whenever, really. I know you're in that "the sooner the better" mode right now!)

  6. Love the real pictures! I remember those last days!

  7. I am just glad you posted, I've been blog and FB stalking you! ;) I hope the baby is here soon, for everyone's sake. And that last picture is awesome!

  8. I was starting to wonder about you too! My guess on the date has long passed so I will just wish you my best wish--healthy baby and healthy mommy (on the soonish side if possible). May 21st will be my parents 51st wedding anniversary so if baby likes that idea, maybe he/she will arrive then?

  9. Anonymous7:00 AM

    That made me laugh! Hope today is go time!

  10. I cannot wait for Baby 6!! (Preferably tomorrow, since that's my guess, but whenever is healthiest is best!)

    Don't worry about last minute things, you know you have a whole coterie of family who will happily take over your home if you say the word!

    Love you xoxo Juju


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