Friday, March 25, 2011

Quick Takes Friday


The girls and I are going to a bridal shower this weekend for my future sister-in-law, so Rob and the boys were brainstorming fun "boy's day" ideas at the dinner table.

They mentioned a local science center, a miniature railroad display, and then dinner at the diner.

That's when Sally looked up and said, "Well, no matter what you do it won't be as much fun as we're having because there will be more girls in our car. Four is more than three. More fun."

There is no refuting logic of that sort. Girls just want to have fun.


I downloaded the Prayer App from Divine Office and I am loving it! It is absolutely worth the two dollars it cost me.

This is not the full Liturgy of the Hours, but it is more than 2000 prayers of the Catholic Church. Everything is covered, from the Rosary to Chaplets and Litanies.

It is so easy to search and mark my favorites, and there have been many times when I had a special intention and had no problem finding an appropriate prayer.

I highly recommend it, and I'm going to look into the Liturgy of the Hours App as well.


Just when I thought we were heading toward some nicer weather, Old Man Winter came back around to give us a little kick in the pants.

We got snow, freezing rain, and then some thundersnow(!) to round it all out. Phil, you totally sold us down the river with that "early spring" junk.

Happily, most late March snows in PA are usually onion snows and they don't stick around too long.


What's an onion snow, you ask?

Here in PA, it's a pretty common expression (or at least it used to be). An onion snow is a late snowfall, usually in early spring, after the onion sets are in the ground. It's typically a very wet snow that melts quickly.


Get yourselves ready, my friends, because the guessing pool for the HomeFront's new baby is coming up soon!

This is fun for me because it really takes my mind off of how much I want to run to the nearest ultrasound machine and demand they tell me what I've got going on gender-wise.

I'm always so happy that I waited to find out after the baby comes, but these last weeks are loooooong.


Speaking of not knowing the baby's gender, I am always surprised when people are shocked that we don't know. Not just surprised, but shocked. And sometimes more than a little put out. Miffed even.

Uhhh . . . okay.

I was in the grocery store a few weeks ago, and two people working in the bakery stopped me and asked what I was having. Apparently, the head baker is an expert at guessing baby genders just from reading my aura or something. They like to test him by checking with the pregnant mother, and so far (according to them) he has never been wrong.

When I told them I didn't know, they could not believe it. They kept saying "but why don't you KNOW?" As if there was some kind of horrible ultrasound glitch that prevented me from finding out. No glitch, just my desire to confound people by my irrational suspension of knowledge.

For what it's worth, the baker quoted my aura as saying #6 is a boy.


Hey, did you know you can eat meat today? You can because today is the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord.

That's Church-speak for big celebration, so no penitential abstention from meat. It's all explained here.

Of course, you don't have to eat meat to celebrate, but if you want to throw a few pepperoni slices on your pizza to honor the Annunciation of the Lord, go for it.

As usual, head over to Jennifer's and check out the other quick takes.

Have a great weekend, my friends! I'm looking forward to the more fun I've been told I'll be having with my girls in the car . . . let's see if you can top it!


  1. Wow! I feel so sad because the girls will NEVER outnumber the boys around here...I guess that means our fun will revolve around obnoxious body sounds and the joy of watching other human beings writhe in pain!

    I'm feeling a little convicted, my last app purchase was Angry Birds...and I may or may not have stayed up till 10:30 last night trying to shoot birds and naughty little pigs.

    We are experiencing a little winter comeback around here to and I am not ashamed of admitting that I am bitter. Really...80 on Monday and a frost today? I NEED spring!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. This post is so happy. I don't know if I could be so chipper in the face of snow in March. There's a reason I was born in Texas! I am horrible at the guessing game, but I suppose I'll be participating. :)

  3. We never had advance notice of baby gender either- it drives people nuts for some reason! Let's see, this weekend I have a "basket bingo" tonight, a baby shower (for twin boys) tomorrow & then we are heading up to your neck of the woods for a baptism where I am the Godmother so I'm psyched for the weekend. And yes, the girls will have more fun :)

  4. these great apps make me want to get a smart phone...

  5. Wish I would have read this and known about that meat thing yesterday. Went to a pizza place in Little Italy and went meat-less. It was H.A.R.D. I probably would have gone meat-less anyway even if I did know. We don't follow the "Sunday free-be" either. Like my son says "Jesus didn't come out of the desert on Sundays". Kind of hits home and makes it harder to partake on Sundays....
    Thanks for the heads up on the prayer app (no iPhone, only iPod). I just down loaded it!
    And I'm gearing up for the HomeFront guessing pool. I've got to win one of these, right? :)

  6. I hated that winter weather last week and hopefully that was the last of it. Congrats on baby #6. We didn't find out with our first which drove people crazy but it was fun not knowing! Girls do have more fun:) My poor husband will never be outnumbered even though our third baby is a boy.


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