Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Three Girls

Since Mopsy is on the cusp of turning one, I've been trying to get "caught up" with some pictures of her. I know, it's ridiculous. There is no way I can get as many pictures of Mopsy as I have of Francie at the same age -- I just don't have enough hands.

But I didn't want Mopsy's pictorial history to go from the labor room to her first birthday cake, with only two or three pictures in between. Hence the impromptu photo session. Sorry, Mopsy.

Of course, after I got pictures of Mopsy, I had to look through some old pictures of Francie and Sally at the same age.
Francie, age 1

Sally, age 1

Mopsy, age 11 mos and 2 weeks

One of the things I love the most about having multiple children of the same gender is the observation of their differences.

I always wonder if my friends whose children are all the same gender ever get really fed up with people asking if they wish they had at least one child of the other gender. As if having gender in common would mean that they would be alike in every way.

I love that I have been blessed with both daughters and sons, because there are real differences between them. No matter how many pink baby dolls Bun picks up, he just doesn't approach them the same gentle way that Sally does. And no matter how many times Sally plays trains and cars with Bun, she doesn't make all the appropriate car noises like her brother.

But what I love best is seeing the differences among my children of the same gender. My girls don't even really look like one another, at least not to me. I guess the overall family resemblance is there, but if you really study them you'll notice that their individual features are fairly dissimilar.

And don't even get me started on their personalities. I don't know that they could be more different if they were complete strangers.

I think that's why I look so forward to meeting this new little babe. Whether we've got a fourth girl coming or a third boy to even up the numbers, I know that he or she will be coming with a soul and a personality all their own.

Eight more weeks to go, my friends . . .


  1. Mopsy is a real dolly. Such a sugar.

  2. Wow, look at all that hair on Francie! My babies are bald until forever :)

    I so agree with you about how different each child is. I can't stand it when people say "Well, we have a boy and a girl, and they don't make any other kinds!" so they're "done". As if every boy of theirs would be the same, or every girl? It's crazy!!

  3. Love the new blog look...and the photo comparisons. Each girl has her own unique features...each one so lovely in her own way :)
    EIGHT weeks?! Coming down the home stretch my friend...hope you are feeling good!

  4. They're all beautiful--and how amazingly blue Francie's eyes are!

    Enjoy these next 8 weeks. Praying that all will be well for you. (Mother's Day, perhaps?)

  5. Francie's eyes are absolutely stunning in that photo. Wow. And yes, you are so right about the differences among the kids of the same gender. Night and day with my trio of girls.


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