Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Snow is in the forecast . . . again, my poor baby Mopsy is sick on the eve of her first birthday, and Lent just seems very long to me today. Spring feels far away.

So I'm fighting back the protracted winter blahs with this:

I've never been a superfan of The Beatles. I like most of their songs, but I've always been able to take them or leave them depending on my mood.

But George? I could watch George play the guitar all day long.

Come on, sun, we need you.


  1. oooh, the look has changed around here- very nice!!

    Poor Mopsey, I hope she's feeling better soon :) My inlaws are coming up from PA for the weekend and we warned them that there will be a winter storm warning in effect for Friday. They are still coming, which is great, but ugh, I hope the snow decides not to come!!!

  2. GeeGee11:43 AM

    Dear little Mopsy, you are our sun!
    Feel better, little darlin....
    and rest in peace, dear George....


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