Friday, August 13, 2010

Quick Takes: Livin' Large Edition

Well, it's still summer. Even though I feel like each day is both ten years long and zipping by at light speed.

It's also raining and the kids have almost perfected Lord of the Flies in the playroom (GIVE ME THE CONCH!), so that makes it a choice time for me to do some Quick Takes.

It's either that or pull out the single malt. Or put them all at the corner with a sign that says FREE. Or both.

My sister was here last night, and as I was putting something away in the fridge, she did a double take at the amount of pudding we have stocked. For one week.

She actually asked if I was stocking up for the apocalypse. She won't be laughing when she needs to survive on iodide tablets and pudding.

I told her what my sister-in-law (also a mother of five) and I were just discussing on the phone a few weeks ago: for the most part, bulk shopping is now our regular food shopping. I try to be as conservative with the food as possible, but it takes a lot to keep this place running.

Milk alone is enough to break us, and I don't even have a place big enough to store all the milk we need. I have mightily resisted having an extra fridge, thinking that I could just be more efficient, organized, space-saving, blah, blah, blah, and use the perfectly good ONE fridge we have. Let's just say that I am good, but not that good.

And also, why don't they sell milk in larger containers than a gallon? We could set something up like those big filtered water pitchers with the spigot that sit on your refrigerator shelf. We could really use some thing like that.
Without further ado, here is a whirlwind tour of our extra large groceries. I can guarantee it will be the most mundane content ever to grace your feed reader.
Here is the aforementioned apocalyptic pudding stash. Just plain old chocolate and vanilla, but we usually have a second layer on top of this one. What can I say? We all enjoy a good pudding cup. Besides, even the "family pack" only comes with twelve pudding cups. If each of the kids has a pudding cup after dinner each night . . . well, you can do the math.
We don't go through this Vat O' Peanut Butter in one week, but if I get a smaller size, we do. This probably lasts a good two and a half weeks here.
You'd be surprised at how fast this toilet paper goes, given the questionable bathroom habits of some of the younger members of this family.
We have no use for the cute little wipes boxes. With two still in diapers and countless hand/face wipes throughout the day, we go straight for the ginormous refill bag as our everyday size.
Unless Rob wants a fancy flavor, I've given up buying little yogurt cups. There's just no point since I spend more money and have less space in the fridge when I do. These tubs are less than a week's worth of yogurt for this bunch. We like our yogurt. It's almost as good as the pudding.
The Great Wall of Waffles.


Barbecue sauce anyone? Now, this jug will last for quite a while, and I can't even blame the kids for the barbecue sauce consumption around here. Ketchup, well that's another ball game, but the barbecue sauce is hand's down Rob's favorite condiment. He would eat a shoe if you covered it in enough barbecue sauce. Seriously. He was in the military, folks. He might have actually eaten a shoe at some point.

So there you have it, groceries the HomeFront Corp. way. Come on over any time -- it's loud and messy, but we can always offer you a pudding cup.

Be sure to visit Jen at Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes, and have a lovely weekend, my friends.

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  1. Love it! I have one less than you and it is uncanny how fast we can go through the groceries! I'll come home, stock the fridge, look proudly at how full our cabinets are and two days later hear the dreaded words, "Mom, you need to go to the grocery store!" And as the boys get bigger, it gets worse, UGH!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Yay!! I love big family food talk.
    The milk idea is spot on. BIG MILK containers for folks like you.

  3. GeeGee5:40 PM

    The other day I casually mentioned to the children during lunch prep that the HomeFront Corp. needs a new fridge.

    Francie promptly agreed and quickly added, "...but we can't afford it right now!"

    That's my girl!

  4. Re: Milk.

    Enroll the eldest few in 4H, and get a cow.

    OR... move NEXT to a dairy farmer, and send the kiddos over to drink la leche straight from the pail. After they move the cream on top aside, of course. Worked for Jim's family, and they only had FOUR :)

  5. Very cute. I feel your pain. Just you wait 'enry 'iggins, just you wait -- until they are teenagers.

  6. My friend gets all of her milk at the warehouse club and hers comes in a 2 gallon container with a spigot!

  7. We are getting a second fridge/freezer for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We have a dorm-size one of each in our garage, but that is just not cutting it any longer. Husband's uncle downsized and offered us their old but still working one. I'm so excited. Which is kind of sad.

    We do buy yogurt in the little cups because my kids (and I) have texture issues and we like the thick n' creamy kind. I buy five dozen eggs at a time. Of course lots of peanut butter and tp as well.

    A local store had good bread 10 loaves for 10 dollars! So I bought ten. But when I have my second big freezer, I'll be able to buy 20!

    Oh, and I tend to limit milk intake to make sure food is being eaten, so we can get buy on two gallons a week right now. But Husband and I don't drink it.

  8. Hey, I actually get iodide tablets at work for free, since I work near a nuclear power plant. So, if there's ever a meltdown, here's my plan: grab the iodide tablets and head to your house for a pudding cup. Yummy plan!

    Love, your sister.

  9. I have tried to dredge up a little sympathy for you, but that stash of pudding cups would last exactly one afternoon in this house. Well, maybe two, now that our oldest has moved out. Just wait until they are teenagers! Our three boys average a gallon of milk per day, and I won't even start on the cheese consumption here (my pet peeve!) I gave up on waffles. Fruit and vegetables, on the other hand, sit here forever, until I wash/cut/prepare them, then they are gone like cheese! But, as my mother says, at least they are healthy and aren't picky eaters!

  10. We *love* Sweet Baby Ray's barbecue sauce in our house. Another good one is 'Bone Suckin' Sauce', from Cracker Barrel. Mmmm. Yummy.

    I have two children, and my pudding supply rivals yours. I also have a ton of waffles. And since it is one of the few things Bubba will consume, I am constantly buying milk.

  11. Anonymous6:20 AM

    Great!!! If you find or convince someone to create larger containers of milk, send them our way too.
    Have a great one!
    Mirabella Mom


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