Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The One Where I Remember I Have a Blog

These last few weeks of summer are handing me my butt in a sling.

We are less than three weeks from the first day of school, and I finally realized that I have a ton of stuff to do. Like finding a time machine and going back to the beginning of the summer so I can point at myself and laugh over my promise to make Fiver practice his handwriting every day without fail.

I'm not sure two weeks of hasty scribbling with your harried mother breathing down your neck can be considered plenty of preparation. Now where's that time machine?

When I mentioned that I really needed to post something on the blog, my sister casually said, "But it's a hobby, right? You're not supposed to feel guilty about not having the time to post regularly."

Aha -ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! She obviously does not have a mom blog.

To sum up: I am busy with the end of the summer. I feel guilty about not doing important things with the kids over the summer. I feel guilty about ditching the blog, but I will be back.

Also? I need a time machine.

The end.

PS: I did finish the book for book club, and with plenty of time to spare. We read The Wednesday Letters, by Jason F. Wright. It is considered religious fiction, and it while it had a very good message about forgiveness, some of the characters felt underdeveloped. Just my two cents.

PS 2: I just did spell check and I had no spelling errors. I'm on fi-yah!


  1. I just did spell check and I had no spelling errors. I'm on fi-yah!

    Yeah, but then there's this:

    ...and it while it had a very good message about forgiveness,

    Just keeping you humble, my dear friend.

    (and I totally hear you about handwriting.... did I really say I was going to do that AND math facts every day? hahahahaha!)

  2. Touche, nutmeg -- I guess what I really need is grammar check! Oh well, maybe next time . . . :)

    And now I am struggling mightily with fixing it or leaving it as a reminder ;) . . .

    (I really want to fix it! . . .)

  3. Don't fix it! My brain corrected it as I was reading (meaning=I am too tired to notice!).

    I was just sitting here feeling guilty about how lax I have been about blogging--I think that's it's good to feel some dedication but don't let guilt get you! This is the burden of Catholics--sometimes you feel guilty when it isn't really necessary ;)
    I look forward reading about your back-to-school experiences!!

  4. Notice my little typo above? (there's at least one!)

  5. Right there with ya sister! We started school Monday and when we did day one of fifth grade math, you would have thought I handed my 10 year old a calculus textbook...I REALLY meant to do our math facts every day. I really did! Now it's just back to keeping our head above water and hope that colleges really do likehome schooled students!

  6. So fi-yah is the correct spelling? ;)

    I love your sense of humor, and your life totally sounds like mine. One day we'll meet IRL and become besties, right???

  7. Colleen: I don't count "colloquialisms" in my spell check verdict ;).

    Actually, I spell checked before I wrote the postscripts, which is why my error was in the actual postscript!

    And I would love to meet IRL. I've never yet met anyone from blog life . . .

  8. Oh I love when I have no spelling errors!

    I was also going to make my daughter do math every day and that did not happen. I refuse to feel guilty about it though.


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