Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Breathing Room

I'm going away for a few days, my friends.

I won't be going anywhere fun, and I won't even be going to that padded room with the dim lights and the soft music that I so often dream about.

Nope, I'm just leaving the computer behind for a little while.

I feel so silly even writing this because I am absolutely CERTAIN that no one is sitting around waiting for my next post, but it seems to be the thing that polite bloggers do. And my mama taught me to mind my manners.

The wheels have seem to come right off around here. The house is a mess, the kids are fractious, the meals are dodgy, Rob is getting absolutely slammed at work, and through it all I feel like I'm watching the last few days of our golden summer slip through my hands.

I know that seems so melodramatic, but I feel it just the same. There is something here that I need to grab one last time before it's gone.

Fiver has started cross country, Bun has started speech therapy, the kids go back to school soon, and as much as I love being on our own summer timetable, I am starting to crave that familiar comfort of a stricter schedule.

And a clean house. I really, really want a clean house.

The problem is that I am the one who needs to devise the schedule and clean the house, and I can't do it when I feel like I am too busy reading blogs and trying to comment and scrolling quickly through Facebook and all the rest of the little rabbit holes the internet provides for my distraction.

So. I'm taking a little time for the HomeFront, for the team, for my prayer life, and for my sanity, although I might be a smidge too late for that last one.

I'll be seeing you, my friends.


  1. I will miss you and I do check for new posts daily. ;) I also know what you mean about things getting off track and should probably take a cue from you. Our school starts next week and I can't wait. Oh, and I bought my own Sharpie clicky pens and love them!

  2. I'll miss you, too, since I've recently been on my own computer hiatus and just recently started reading my favorite blogs again. I'll be here when you get back!

  3. I think many of us are in need of a "step-away-from-the-screen" break. Myself included. Get your sanity back first, girl. It's most crucial to the rest of the list

  4. Oh boy do I hear you--and I only have 3 kids and no one in real school yet. Do what you need to do & then get back to us with some fun stories :) There are far too many rabbit holes in internet land & there is nothing wrong with taking a break...I feel summer slipping away too and I really want to hang on for just a little while longer!

  5. The beginning of school really is the most magical time of the year! I hear ya loud and clear about needing to step.away.from.the.computer. Too bad that's what I work on all day ;)

  6. We'll miss you! Feel free to come clean and schedule around here, too!

  7. I will miss you! I do look forward to your posts :)

  8. I hope you find the peace and clean house you are looking!

  9. I feel ua but I'll miss ya.


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