Monday, May 24, 2010

He Is Risen . . . Again

Silly Bandz are driving me crazy.

And if you have no idea what Silly Bandz are, then count yourself lucky and just know that someone out there is now a quadrillionaire thanks to patenting a bunch of oddly shaped rubber bands.

Excuse me, silicone bands. Or BandZ, as it were.

Despite the fact that I will not buy them and that they have been banned at school, Silly Bandz have still managed to find their way into the house, thanks to the apparently awesome bartering skills of my children.

As I was emptying the dryer last night, Francie came pounding down the stairs wanting to know if I had washed her plaid shorts yet.

I was grabbing them from the dryer drum as she was speaking.

Turns out she left all her Silly Bandz in the pocket, and since I was not the one who put the load in the washer, the pockets went unchecked and the Silly Bandz enjoyed a trip through the wash/dry cycle.

She started unloading the dryer with me, digging around for the bands the whole time. She was having good luck, but a few were missing and one had snapped.

Then, with a sigh of relief, she pulled out one of the knock-offs she had scored that was in a "christian" shape. She held up a misshapen-looking man and said,

"Well, at least Jesus made it through the dryer!"



  1. He is risen...and wrinkle-free!

    Dang, I hate those things, too. I'm so glad my kids aren't into them. yet. we seem to be about a year behind the trend curve. My oldest got into Pokemon about year after everyone else, Bakugan, too. Maybe they will just skip this stupid trend altogether.

  2. I've heard a LOT of stories about Silly Banz from other parents and this has to be the best. R knows what they are, has seen them around but doesn't have any desire to own them... yet.

    Now, if for some reason you would like some for you children let me know. Somehow I am the queen of being in stores as they are loading the shelves with a new shipment. I'd be happy to send a little care package in the mail for them. But only with your blessing cause you're my friend and I value your sanity.

  3. I think they are banned in Little Brother's classroom but it's a teacher-by-teacher policy, from what I gather. Even Big Brother is not immune--he sports a PINK PIG one. He might be physically 18, but mentally he can still be 7 sometimes.

  4. The only ones we have been able to find were at the Christian bookstore. So my son is wearing a cross, a fish, a Bible, a dove, etc. He asked me this morning if he could leave the heart and butterfly at home!

  5. That is funny! This fad exploded while we were in Cali, as soon as we got back michael had some. Some teachers have banned them but not all. Even Logan has some!! :)

  6. I had never heard of it until last week when my Mentee had a bunch running up her arm. She said they were all different kinds of shapes and as she yanked each one off- they kind of did morph into things like horses and hearts. The fad is now HUGE in Champ's school.

    Kind of reminds me of the jelly bracelets of my childhood!!

  7. This is hilarious!! My littles haven't noticed them yet...but I think it is just a matter of time!

  8. GeeGee10:56 AM

    Well, I am clueless. You'll have to educate me...

  9. I had no idea what those were. I'm sure that won't last long though.


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