Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Evolution of an Easter Portrait

This one is actually passable, considering the amount of chocolate they had already ingested. I should have quit while I was ahead, but not being a quitter, I moved on to ....

Fiver finding something more interesting on the ground, Sally in mid-breakdown, and Bun the Barbarian getting ready to sack something. All of this devolved into . . .

Fiver still inspecting the ground, Francie trying to talk Sally out of her sulk, and Bun bolting . . .

Now Fiver is trying to lure Bun back with a bagel, Francie is hanging onto Mopsy for dear life, and the sisterly pep talk did nothing to stem the tide of Sally's tears . . . .

Fiver has given up on the picture and is marching to the beat of his own drummer, Bun is once more eyeing an escape, Francie has gone back to comforting Sal, who is now grimacing instead of sobbing . . .

And then Mopsy started to fuss and I knew it was all over.


  1. GeeGee9:19 AM

    gThey are absolutely beautiful in any pose! We are enjoying a joyful Easter season! Life is good!

  2. The fact that they all stayed in the same place is a victory in my book...and all dressed in their Easter outfits--just days after the birth of Mopsy? AMAZING! What a beautiful family :)

  3. I agree - just getting all the kids dressed that wonderfully and having them stand still even for a nano second is amazing. And you just pushed another little critter out - you are my new super hero!!!!

  4. I agree too! It is amazing that you got them dressed and posed. Had I just had a baby our Easter dinner would have been happy meals! Haha. You and Rob are truly amazing!!

  5. The pictures are so cute!! I love the "evolution". You have one really "good" one and the rest for all the fun memories.

  6. I think you are brave for even trying to get one! I would have photoshopped or something (if I knew how to do that).

  7. You really are supermom! I only have two, and getting good pictures of them was a nightmare.

    Bun just cracks me up. He and Bubba seem to have similar personalities. They're full of little boy swagger, but deep down they're sensitive little souls.

  8. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Love all of the pics- we can completely relate, esp. to the fact that the boys aren't wearing their shoes? Ayden is the same way.
    Mirabella Mom


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