Friday, April 02, 2010

Five Has Arrived

I'm smiling, so you know the contractions aren't that bad . . .

I'm smiling again, so you know the contractions are done!

Oh man, those cheeks! I could live for days on those cheeks.

And that rosebud mouth . . .

Francie and Mopsy, biggest to smallest . . .

The brothers meet the baby . . .

Excited much?

Sally can hardly contain herself!

Home again, home again, jiggety jig!

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and well-wishes. They mean more than you know, and when I get the chance, I'll have to write out our littlest girl's birth story. It's a real pip!

It feels so good to be home, my friends, even with the barely controlled chaos going down around me. Apparently, the more excited my kids become, the more their actions resemble a WWE Smackdown cage match. Four enter, only one will leave . . .

(and my money is on Bun, by the way. That boy is fierce.)

But no matter. I fully expect them to lose their minds a little before the new normal really sets in. It has happened every time, and each time we've made it through.

It's been so interesting to watch the kids' reactions to their new little sister. Francie is delighting in her role as the biggest sister, mostly because I give her a little more leeway with the baby.

Fiver is smitten with a capital S, but he is also thrown by the complete schedule change of the family. He checks on the baby about seven hundred times an hour, and I wish I could say that was a huge exaggeration. He needs to see her to make sure she's really here. I know just how he feels.

Sally is SO! EXCITED! She just keeps turning to me and saying, "Isn't she aDORable, Mama?!"
She is indeed, Sal.

Bun is flat out confused. He smiles and he points to the baby and he wants to be near her, but he has NO IDEA what in the SAM HILL that thing is doing on his mother's lap all the time. Thank goodness there are many hands here waiting to hold the baby, because Bun needs some extra snuggles.

I also find it interesting that the girls are completely unfazed by the baby crying, while the boys become totally unhinged. Neither one can stand to hear her fuss for more than ten seconds.

We are so grateful to be celebrating Easter with our new little bunny, and so I think we will call her Mopsy here on the blog, after Peter Rabbit's little bunny sister. Unless I find something more perfect in the next few days . . .

Until I can make it back, all of us here at the HomeFront with you a blessed and happy Easter!


  1. Soooooo happy for all of you!! Yeah, you'll be kissing those cheeks ALL day long!!! She is a cutie!!! Can't wait to see all of you!!!! Thinking of you lots!!

  2. I'm totally ready to devour those cheeks too! And I completely recognize that 'what in the samhill' attitude. Our Thomas is finally starting to get over that almost 4 months later!

  3. I heart her cheeks and rosebud mouth! Congratulations!! It is so fun to see each of the kids with "Mopsy"- love that bloggy name BTW. Have a wonderful Easter with this new little blessing!

  4. Yay, you guys! What an Easter gift for all of you! Congratulations!

  5. You all look so wonderfully excited about this sweet new baby girl edition. Congratulations to all and love her up this Easter with lots of kisses and snuggles, no no- love them ALL up this Easter!!!!

  6. Oh, Aimee, I am so happy for you. She is beautiful and adorable and simply edible.

    Wishing you three straight hours of sleep. Congratulations!

  7. Anonymous8:17 PM

    The entire crew is just too cute for words!!! Congrats to all of you!!!
    Mirabella MOM

  8. She is beautiful (like her mother). I love that first picture of you, you look so happy and chipper, no one would guess you were in labor, and your hair down is very flattering. :)

    We'll be praying that the transition to life with five goes smoothly.

  9. My goodness, she's just a DOLL! And the pictures and reactions of your kids is amazing. I'm glad you're all home and doing well. Happy Easter.

  10. How do you manage to look so pretty during and after labor? Love you guys!

  11. Awwww, she is JUST SO CUTE! Love the chubby cheeks. And how sweet are all the kids with their baby sister?

  12. Congratulations! She's adorable, as are her siblings!

  13. Mopsy is perfect -- in every way!


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