Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

. . . . except take away the chicken dinner, and replace it with a donation to Mary's Shelter made in your name. Fair trade, right?

After looking through all the comments on the baby pool post, Rob and I have come down to the winner. This lady guessed both the correct gender and date, and she was only 5 ounces off the weight. She was much closer than either Rob or myself.

So congratulations to my friend Mary, who guessed an 8 lb 13 oz girl on March 31st! We'll make a donation to Mary's Shelter in your honor and you get the bragging rights over the HomeFront Baby Pool 2010.

But, I feel I need to mention that some of you came awfully close to winning. Really, really close. There were quite a few people who guessed two out of three categories correctly. That's downright spooky.

My sister, Julia ("JuJu" to my kids), was the next closest, with a 9lb 2oz girl on April 1st. Then there was Barbara, who guessed a 9 lb 2 oz girl on March 29th. Lisa also guessed a 9 lb 2 oz girl for March 26th, and Tricia guessed a 9 lb 3 oz girl for April 1st.

Nice job, gals -- now go out and play the lottery!

And thanks to everyone for playing along!

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  1. I am honored and will make a matching contribution as well. What a worthy cause!
    It shouldn't surprise me at the time of your post "Mopsy" getting some late-night alone time with mommy?


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