Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Virus for A Valentine?

There is something seriously wrong with my computer. It's been giving me trouble all week, but I kept hoping that it was the weather or maybe something else relatively benign.

Now it's becoming apparent that the old girl is trying to go up in the big blue light. Not good.

I can't post, read blogs, leave you all little love note comments, or do pretty much anything else I like to do on the computer. Heck, I can't even do the things I don't like to do on the computer, like bills.

I am stealing some moments on Rob's laptop, but this is his work computer and he has to, you know, WORK on it. Of all the inconvenient things they expect from him . . .

My brother, our family IT guy, is coming over tomorrow to check it out and hopefully he can show it some love.

Until then, enjoy your weekend, my friends.

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  1. Hope the ol gal is up and running soon! Good luck.


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