Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lent Begins Early

Well, the prognosis for the computer is not good. My brother took it away today, for at least a week, and he may have to wipe the whole thing clean.

YES, we have everything backed up and I cannot tell you how much easier I am breathing knowing that.

What I also will not tell you is how panicky I already feel with the computer gone. I fear it does not reflect well on my level of attachment to a machine.

Instead, I will just have to treat this week like a quasi-fast from the computer. I may have some time in the evenings to use Rob's laptop, but of course that depends on his volume of work.

Just promise me that you will all write very boring things for the week, okay, my friends?

Hope to see you soon . . .


  1. mAybe the Lord is telling you to fast from your computer...

  2. Write very boring things...that shouldn't be a problem for me! Just imagine how much you will be able to get done without the distraction of that thing! Okay, hope you get it back soon!

  3. I considered giving up computer time for Lent, but I don't think God wants me to go crazy. I hope your computer is salvageable.

    I promise to maintain my usual inconsistent posting schedule with the same mediocre content. ;)

  4. I'll miss you this week Aimee, but I promise to downplay my usual stunning and thought provoking content over on my blog ;)

    Ugh, my computer crashed in November. Thankfully I hadn't really started blogging yet, but it was still such a scene. I'm sending you positive computer prayers!!


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