Friday, February 12, 2010

7 Quick Takes: The Global (NON) Warming Edition

Hey, have you heard that it snowed? Yeah, me neither . . .

Yesterday, after climbing snow mountains and tunneling through the front yard, Francie said "Mom, this is the most snow I've ever seen in my whole life. It's great!"

I realized that she's right: this IS the most snow she's ever seen. Given her responsible and precocious nature, I tend to forget that she is a) not, in fact, twenty five years old and b) that she was born in Florida and lived in North Carolina before she ever made it to the Great White North.

Besides, this is A LOT of snow, even by PA standards. The last time it snowed this much around these parts was during the awful winter of 1996, where we seemed to get ten inches of snow every Wednesday. I'm not even kidding -- every Wednesday brought a new snow forecast. It was weird.

Back in 1996, Francie and the rest of the Get Along Gang were merely a hope for my future with Rob. Now look at all of us - we've come a long way, baby.

I apologize that the pictures below are in no particular order. It bugs me, but apparently Blogger and the internet and my computer are having some kind of lover's triangle quarrel and I have no desire to jump in the middle of that and try to monkey around with my tenuous access to the uploading process. I am just grateful to the computer for showing these pictures at all.

Have a great weekend, my friends. If you are snowed in, stay warm and safe. And if you have no snow, I'm sure the entire Mid-Atlantic region would be glad to send you a couple hundred tons for your winter merriment.

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For reference, this is pre-Blizzard 2010 II, when we only had inches on the ground, not feet. I just love that my two little ones bundle up in blankets and sit in the doorway to say goodbye to their big sister and brother on their way out to school. When it is 15 degrees outside, you know it's love. And keep an eye on that small tree directly out the front door -- you won't see it again.

Here are the girls trying to make a snowman. I say trying, because it's mighty hard to maneuver when you are waist deep in snow. Just ask poor Sally. Her brother and sister had to keep digging her out.

This is one of Rob's several passes through with the shovel. It was still snowing furiously at this point and as soon as he got a spot cleared it would be covered right back up. Discouraging, but at least it beats shoveling 19 inches of snow at a pop.

Here's that little tree again. Well, at least the tippy top of it.

Our mailbox. Sue, our mail carrier extraordinaire, still managed to make it around to every box.

Our front sidewalk.

This is a view from our deck, overlooking the snowy woods in our backyard. This was still early in the storm. The snow kept mounding up and then falling off the deck railing as it got too tall.


  1. A LOT of snow, I know...We had somewhere around 24" down here at Gee-Gee and Pop's, and we definitely had to take multiple passes at the sidewalk and driveway in order to clear it all. We've run out of places to put it! But at least we didn't have to go all Donner Party and eat anyone, so, yay for the small things.

    Stay warm with those cute nieces and nephews of mine! Love, Juju

  2. Still so glad I don't live there. The 8 (!) inches we got yesterday is quite enough for me to look at and enjoy from inside my warm house.

    Also, we had one summer where it seemed to rain every Tuesday, without fail. So I can totally relate to your Wednesday snow experience.

  3. I would just like to thank you for taking one for the team! We've been a little whiney here over our few inches, although it has hung around for like a week now which is unheard of by Tennessee standards!

    Hope you stay warm. Give us a holler if you need us to come dig you out!

  4. I remember that 96 snow! Since I grew up in FL, I thought that was what every winter was like, haha.

    It WAS much fun... but I can't imagine living there now, being in charge of the shoveling and getting the kiddos zipped and warm and then hot cocoa after... sister, I'm tired just THINKING about it :)

    thanks for letting me live vicariously. a few photos is all i need to enjoy it :)

  5. I grew up in New England, and I have to agree that this is a *lot* of snow. Great pictures!

  6. These are the first actual pictures I've seem from Pa's storm- wow, it really did dump on you all! Our family's been calling all week to tell us about the snowfall and school cancellations. Even my Dad's work canceled- that's serious stuff! Dare I even tell you that Vermont didn't get a single flake during all of that? Nothing! It's pitiful :(

  7. I heard the other day that "they" are claiming that Global Warming IS to blame. Don't you know warm = snow? Sure, I get it! ;-)

  8. Marguerite10:22 AM

    hit the brake...which ones the brake?:)

  9. WOW! My brother, who lives in the Great White North, has asked me if I'm seeing penguins yet. We NEVER get snow like this. Only Big Brother remembers the winter of '96. Middle Sister was an infant and I stupidly took her to her 10-day checkup at the start of that January blizzard. 2 days later, I was shoveling our car out of its snow tomb. Cabin fever+postpartum hormones make mamas do stupid things!

    I love how your little ones wrap up in blankets and look out the door!

  10. The cute one with the kids wrapped in blankets looking out the door? I would LOVE to see something like that as a Christmas photo.
    I love that stuff.
    Snow...don't love.


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