Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mom! It's STILL Snowing!

I think I've heard this from my children about eleven hundred times today.

We've got some serious white on the ground, folks, and the local weather people have lost their ever-lovin' minds. According to their graphics department, we are in the midst of PARALYZING SNOW.

Thanks, but my kids already told me that.

It snowed all night and all day, and you know it had to be a big time storm for Rob to get a snow day. I don't think he's EVER had a snow day from work; people are always sick or having babies, regardless of SNOWMAGEDDON.

Meanwhile, I thought it would be a good use of my lazy snow day to cruise around my bloggy neighborhood to see what my friends who aren't hip deep in snow are doing. I had big plans to write a few posts for the week, and to upload my distinctly underwhelming attempt at SNOWPOCALYPSE photography.

Unfortunately, my computer decided to use the STORM OF THE CENTURY as an excuse to have a complete nervous breakdown.

In fact, I am on thin ice right now, trying to frantically type this before the computer goes into paroxysms of rage. I'm hoping that the old girl just has cabin fever like the rest of us and that I'll be able to continue with my grand snow day plans tomorrow.

Until then, I'm off to find the children's brightest hats. And maybe some miners' lights to attach to their heads. I'm not taking any chances, because I hear that it SNOWED.


  1. I hope you didn't lose any! Have fun. Make popcorn and watch movies!

  2. There is so much snow in PA.
    How much is there?
    So much that the deer have resorted to walking down the street by my mom's house, that's how much.

    Even a now-seasoned New Englander is impressed by the depth of the white stuff down there.

    At our house? Completely different story. Got barely a dusting yesterday which means I should have no problem taking Squirt to the doctor later this morning to confirm what I suspect to be another ear infection.

    Stay warm and safe!! And don't let the older ones dress Bun in all white and lose him outside. ;)

  3. It is snowing here right now! I foolishly woke up the kids before checking for school closings (or looking out the window) and missed a chance to sleep in. My computer had its own meltdown earlier this week, but is now restored to good health. I hope things improve in your corner of the world.


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