Saturday, November 21, 2009

Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits

Minus the shave . . . for a few more years, at least . . .

I knew this day was coming fast once Bun's golden locks became long enough to gather into a ponytail and people started mistaking him for a girl. Plus, my husband is a veteran, people -- I'm lucky he wasn't given a high-and-tight before his first birthday.

I've never been sentimental about the girls' first haircuts, but the boys both got me. Maybe it's because the change is so extreme, or maybe it's just that my girls have SO MUCH HAIR. I always felt more relieved than weepy over the girls' trims. Less hair = shorter snarly hair-brushing sessions = GOOD THING in my book.

Or maybe it's that last little trace of tiny babyhood that goes poof! and disappears with the first boy haircut that makes me sigh.

Any way you slice it, he seems like a real boy now, to quote Pinocchio.

But all of that real boyhood doesn't preclude me from gathering him up and kissing his face off for good measure.

You know, just to show him who's the boss and who's the baby.
(And once I figure that out, I'll let you know, my friends.)


  1. I love the expressions on his face before and then after the hair cut!

    Also, I'll be delaying Kadens first buzz- I mean trim another month or two. Or twenty two.

  2. He got big! That first haircut is always so dramatic on a boy. He's so handsome. :)

  3. Now he looks even MORE like Rob!

  4. Awww..I love it. Your little man! :)

  5. I did love his flowing golden locks, but, I must say, after seeing him yesterday, he still has some curl in his hair, and he's still very blond. Plus, you're having a baby (lol, in case you didn't know!), so you'll have another bouncing baby whose hair you can grow out with abandon. Hooray for the new Bean!

    Love, Juju (PS: did you know that a baby quail is called a cheeper?)

  6. GeeGee9:34 AM

    I loved his wild head.(It went so well with his wild ways! haha)I must say that the cut looks good, and there is still a bit of a wave. He does look like a big boy now. Where did the last 22 months go? He looks so much MORE like his daddy now! What a doll! He makes me laugh with all his antics! Can't wait to see you all at Thanksgiving! DO NOT worry about the house. It always looks beautiful, but we really don't look at it the way you do...we'd much rather look at you, Rob, and the to all....

  7. It's amazing how they just turn into a KID after that first haircut. Yup--and kind of sad too. He's so cute though!


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