Monday, November 16, 2009

Under the Weather . . . And the Laundry Pile

I think I need to take a blogging hiatus, my friends. Not long, just a couple of days to get myself and my house back together. We've been living separate lives, and it's time to rekindle the old magic.

I've been sick for weeks now and it's starting to wear on me. I seem to catch every little cold that comes down the pike, and then that cold turns into a sinus infection. Plus, I have a cough that sounds like a death rattle. Overall, it's nothing very serious, but it is tiring when I can't breathe very well.

This weekend, as I was trying to keep my poor lungs in my body, I asked Rob (semi-rhetorically) why I keep getting sick this fall. It's like I'm immuno-compromised or something.

My husband, the kind man that he is, refrained from yelling, WELL, NO DUH!

Instead, he just smiled and said, "You ARE relatively immuno-compromised. Your body has kicked it into low gear so that you don't attack the whopping portion of non-Aimee DNA that you're growing. We love the baby, but technically speaking, your body has to suspend operations to accommodate something that is not part of you."

He makes everything sound so cool, right?

Still, I find it very hard to offer up these kinds of minor sufferings when I am in the thick of them. I get cranky instead.

Especially when my carefully laid plans go awry. Like when the kids and I finally got the call to go get our flu vaccines and I couldn't get mine because I had a fever from my sinus infection. It's not the end of the world, I realize, but like I said, I get cranky.

So I need to un-crank myself and get cracking on my huge list of pre-Thanksgiving chores. No matter how long I leave the cleaning supplies sitting on the counter, these bathrooms aren't going to take the hint and clean themselves, my friends. (believe me, I've tried!)

Hopefully, I'll be able to pull out of my head-congestion induced fogginess before too long. I was finally able to taste a little bit of my breakfast, but, of course I also poured apple cider instead of milk on my cheerios this morning. I'll call that a draw.

Catch you later, my friends.


  1. You did indeed sound very bad with that cough when we talked this weekend...As I said then, you're lungs do so much better on the inside. Rest up, relax, don't go crazy crazy with the housecleaning, and know that you can always call the house and get a little break by way of conversation or ask me to come help.

    Love you, Juju

  2. Darn. I hope you get well soon and stay well. Good luck restoring order. I've definitely scaled back my blogging and computer time lately. Only for more selfish reasons than cleaning house, things like reading and sleeping. Come back when you're ready!

  3. I am so sorry you are still feeling poorly. I will be praying for you. I say don't worry about the house. Rest your body and the mess will still be there when you feel better. OR even better, Rob will get tired of it and feel sorry for you and just hire someone to come do it for know, like a little Thanksgiving present!

  4. You've a good man...and deserve a good rest.

    See you soon...feel better!

  5. Too bad Princess wasn't in your house that morning. She has actually requested apple cider and cheerios - then ate the entire bowl.

    Take care and remember to only do enough to be able to peer over the laundry pile and prevent an outbreak of nakedness. Heck, if it gets bad enough in the house the kids may even decide to do some cleaning for you. ;)

  6. Feel better my friend! Take care of you and that little baby. We've been ill over here so we feel your pain.

  7. Ah, Aimee, I wish I lived closer so I could drop off dinner. Hope you feel better soon. Get some extra sleep (is that even possible?!)

  8. Feel better soon!!


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