Monday, January 26, 2009

Whose Idea Was This?

I would like to apologize for what you are about to see.

Nicole from As Many As We're Given tagged me for a meme in which I was instructed to post a picture of myself RIGHT NOW with NO FIX UP TIME and NO EDITING and oh LORD are you gonna be sorry you asked.

I know this post will have an evening timestamp, but this picture is fresh from my chauffeur duties at 7:30 in the frigid AM. If you want to retain any kind of illusions of my put-together-ness, you must look away now.

You're never fully dressed without a smile. Or at least a coat of lip gloss.

Here's the scoop on this hot mess so that you, too, can rock the Early Morning Drop Off look:

No makeup, frowzy hair, extra comfy sweatshirt, black wool coat, and (the part you can't see) black flare leg yoga pants tucked into patently fake Uggs. You get extra points if you wear yoga pants but don't actually do yoga.

Just to be fair, I snapped a picture of Bun in his early morning glory, and I am not shocked to find that he looks way better than his old mom.

It's the eyes -- don't they look like jewels? Or blueberries? Delish.

Look deep into my eyes. You are powerless to resist.

I think I'm supposed to tag ten people for this, but it is late and I am drooping, so if you are

a) very brave or

b) extremely confident or

c) dermatologically blessed or

d) borderline OCD in your need to fulfill memes for which you have been tagged or

e) in dire need of something - anything - to post . . .

Then I double dog dare you to do it.

I'll let you guess which ones I am. (Hint: the answer is not "all of the above")

Mom, seriously? What does a kid have to do to get some breakfast around here?


  1. If that's your early morning dropoff look, then you're doing alright. I must guility confess that I have sped through a school zone (the tail end of it - the kids are already in school!) on my way to drop Bella off, hoping and praying that we get there in time so I won't have to get out of the car and walk her to the office in whatever tasteless gear I have outfitted myself in that morning. My morning dropoff look is very similar, actually, only I go sans the Ugg boots, fake or otherwise. Usually I opt for a pair of crocs with holes worn in the bottom and a pair of thick socks.

    I would take part, but my computer and my camera aren't on speaking terms for some reason that I can't discern, so I can't post a photo. But believe me when I say: that's not bad at all.

  2. I only WISH I could look that good first thing in the morning! Dang girl, you are cute!

    Came over from Nicole's place. (you can thank me for the original tag of Nicole!) ; ) Nice to "meet" you!


    I participated in your meme... late-nite style!

  4. Anonymous6:52 AM

    I think you look great for early morning drop off!
    Mirabella MOM

  5. You are so cute, I'd like to look that good when I am put together! Of course, I'm 45 and youth is definitely attractive in itself.

    I wouldn't participate in such a meme unless I was permitted to wear my son's Spider-Man mask...

  6. I think you look pretty stinkin' good. Way better than I look in the morning.

    And those eyes--my goodness but he would get away with murder around here. :)

  7. Wow, that is a classic Julia face!

  8. i think you're beautiful, and you've got your mother painted all over your face! unbelievable!

  9. You know that we love ya no matter WHAT you look like and the fact that you look pretty GOOD after the car pool run is awesome. I'm not going there since I usually do it in my glasses and PJs.

    Love those eyes!


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