Tuesday, January 27, 2009

WHO'S Too Tired for Grammar Sometimes?

So my loving spouse called me from work to day to mention the fact that I misused the word "who's" in yesterday's post title. Nice.

Of course he was correct, and it really cheeses me when I make grammatical errors (even though I do it all the time). It is an indication of how well he knows me that he broke the news to me by saying, "Now don't get mad. I'm not trying to be nit-picky."

You think I've bitten his head off a few times during our marriage? A-yah.

I told him that sometimes, after having the brain cells sucked out of my head by keeping THE CHILDREN ALIVE AND WELL all day, and also WORRYING over the proper formation of their characters, in which I also play an important part right now, I look forward to my computer time at the end of the day. Unfortunately, I am sometimes TOO DRAINED to notice my grammatical errors before I hit publish.

Actually, I didn't say any of that. For once I humbly acknowledged my mistake because I know he just wanted me to be able to change it before I noticed it later and it drove me insane. He's sweet like that.

He joked that he did it because I have been crushing him in Boggle lately. I'm not sure how to take that, but I do know that I have finally found his Achilles heel.

You see, Rob is the guy that everyone wants on their team, no matter what is being played. In our annual post-Thanksgiving game-a-thon, my siblings "call" Rob right away. Of course, I have marital proprietary rights to his excellent gamesmanship, but they still try.

And now he has been Boggled by me. Sweet victory -it almost makes up for the grammatical errors I make when I'm tired.

In a complete non-sequitur, I am sharing a little video snippet of Sally doing the dishes. She was tickled by the fact that I filled a bowl with water and let her play in it for an hour. This is something that New Mom Aimee would never have done with Francie.

Poor little Francie - she's got to have something to talk about in therapy, right?

Now I'm off to fix some post titles and convince Rob that he wants to play some Boggle. It's so on, my friends.


  1. Too sweet! Like you, I never let my oldest do such things but by number two, I realized the gold mine of free time some water and soap and a few dishes gave me! My six year old still loves to "wash the dishes" for me!

    As for the grammatical errors, if you can still type a reasonable sentence, I'm impressed...keep it up, girl!

  2. You are such a nice mommy. Five kids later I'm still reluctant to let them engage in the messier activities.

    I noticed the mistake, but didn't say anything b/c I thought maybe I was wrong.

  3. Please do not forget how we hand our husbands their backsides in Trivial Pursuit EVERY time we play it!

  4. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Last night's score:

    Queen of Boggle: 123
    Dunce of Boggle: 61

    (The mercy rule was in effect)

    (As it is every night)

    Back to studying the dictionary...

    Loge Neap

  5. You bring on the Boggle, Girl! Whose gonna blame you? ;)

    (Feel better. Grammar gets the best of us all sometimes.)

  6. I think that is a rather sweet story ... my husband would do the same thing ... and would also preface it with the same disclaimer, lol :) !!

    And my husband and I love to play Boggle as well ... too bad you don't live closer :) !!

  7. Sally is such a doll!
    Good thing you got that on video. It won't be too long before she sighs and rolls her eyes when you ask her to do the dishes!

  8. Game I like to play best with hubby is Scrabble. :)


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