Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Give The People What They Want

I cannot tell you how relieved I am to find that most of you feel less inclined toward the sympathetic when your spouse is a little under the weather. I knew I liked you people.

I am happy to say that Rob, with little to no help from myself, is feeling better. That's very good because now Sally is sick, and we all know that my sick little cutie trumps the spouse every time.

I have all kinds of seeds for new posts cluttering up my drafts folder -- how my kids discussions while playing Monopoly are eerily parallel to our current state of economic affairs, or how I cannot stand it when our local news station uses the word "busted" as a legitimate verb for breaking and entering, ie: "Two armed men busted into a home on Maple Street," or how I've had to cut myself off from HGTV because I end up suffering through a bout of MHITCS (My House Is Total Crap Syndrome).

Of course, all of these posts will stay in the drafts folder until I can get everyone in this house well, or at least not spiking fevers. That puts me somewhere around May, I think.

So instead of working on the drafts, I have decided to give a few readers what they want.

Laura wanted to see more video with my kids, so here is an interview with Fiver. He was confused by the whole thing, which is probably a large part of the reason why he wouldn't make much eye contact.

On the other hand, you do get to hear his solo line for the Christmas recital. Classic Chipmunks, my friends.

I offer this to Laura because she told me that her husband is wonderful when she is sick, but when he is sick she acts like a butt. Her word. We are simpatico.

Also, Lisa and Barbara tagged me for the Six Things That Make Me Happy Meme. Despite any evidence to the contrary, I try to be a fairly happy person. Even though I am not always happy with my sick spouse.

1) My down comforter, especially on frigid nights like tonight. I love the way the baffles make a lovely cocoon of warmth around me and the way my pajamas smell faintly of goose down in the morning.

2) Our stockings hung by the chimney with care. We have a lovely stone fireplace that is perfect for the stockings. Our hearth is positively Rockwellian.

3) My parents. I am blessed to still have both of them.

4) The soft skin at the nape of Bun's neck. The baby smell is so concentrated there that I could just spend a day sniffing it. Oh wait, I already do.

5) Central heat and oil prices that have come down far enough for the oil company to send me a letter telling me that I am overpaying my monthly budget account and they'll need to decrease my payment amount. Well, if you must . . .

6) Rob's laptop and wireless internet, so I can do my Christmas shopping online under my quilt. But you already knew that.

I need to tag six people to keep the happy moving through the blogosphere, so here you go:

T with Honey, One More Equals Four, Nothing, Really, RC Mommy, As Many As We're Given, Love Life

Only if it's fun and convenient, ladies.

And now I leave you with my interview with Fiver. It's like Dateline: The HomeFront Corp.

Please note that I ask all the hard hitting questions like "How was your day?" and "what are you getting me for Christmas?"

Top notch journalism right there, my friends. Next thing you know, I'll be using the word "busted" in my interviews.


  1. GeeGee6:17 AM

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  2. Anonymous7:09 AM

    How do you not just hug him constantly?
    Annaka keeps aksing me what I want for Christmas and I too have the hug request at the top of my list.
    Happy internet shopping too!
    Good Luck with the ridding the house of the plague as well- I am still working on that and it has been about 2 months.
    Mirabella MOM

  3. What a cute interview. I love how he couldn't not look at you when he knew you were happy with his responses. Very sweet.

    Our local news drives me up a wall too. I have a two slang word rule -- they use two slang words and they're off. The big one around here is "guy" -- A guy robbed a bank today. Oh brother. And I can't stand it when the media use the word "Cop." Cop is what police officers call each other -- have some respect folks. We could have fun watching the news together. Or not.

  4. Love the video. Y'all are fun. And I will do the meme b/c what else have I got to write about?

  5. Oh, thank you for the tag. I have been in a bit of a mood and frankly, I am too dang tired to come up with a decent post! Now I have something to write about besides whining!

    Enjoy cuddling under that quilt and shopping--definitely the way to go!

  6. That was so sweet. I'm impressed that you got him to interact with you while the camera was rolling.

    I share some of your happy things. We got the same notice from the oil company this week. However my poor down comforter was taken over by my dog. She perfected the art of lean-and-drop against the side of the bed to steal it every night. Last winter it was just too nasty to go back on our bed and I'm not sure how you clean a down comforter.

    I just finished the meme. Hope you enjoy it!

  7. MHITC syndrome. Ha. I loved, loved, loved mine when it was brand new and we just moved in. Scary what 3 years, 4 kids and countless dogs can do.

  8. Fiver rocks - he seems like a cool little guy. :-)

  9. Fiver is a pretty cute kid :) !!

    I sure hope everyone gets better and stays better soon!


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