Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Aimee 500

This is my 500th post, my friends. I know, I can't believe it either.

This means that over the course of a couple years, I have published 500 bits and bobs of my addled brain. And most of those bits and bobs can be found in the triple digit pages of Google, preserved for all posterity.

In the future, my children can beam themselves over to the cyber-library and see that their mother was a legend in her own mind. They can comb Google's archives, which will be like the microfiche machine of the future. I'm sure they will be so proud. And possibly a bit mortified. But that's all right; it'll keep them humble.

In other news, I would just like to say that I am a bad wife. Maybe not all the time, but definitely tonight. Although there are some extenuating circumstances, because Rob is sick. Not deathly ill, just enough to make him lethargic.

Maybe it's just me, but sometimes, when Rob is lying around the house sick, it nearly sends me around the bend. All my compassion seems to leak out out of me until I am nothing but a grouchy, unsympathetic husk of a wife. I'm sure he can't wait to be old and in the home with me.

When the kids are sick, I tend to be no-nonsense, but I do try to make them comfortable. As long as there is no vomit involved, I let them get their favorite blankies and lie on the couch with
the fluffy pillows.

When Rob is sick, I want to give him the fluffy pillows, too . . . to put over his head. I chase him up to bed so that I don't hear him sighing or making that annoying congested noise in the back of his throat.

I know, I'm awful.

Thankfully, Rob knows this about me, and he finds it amusing. I suspect that he finds it amusing because I eventually feel remorseful and make him a cup of tea or bring him some medicine.

But all bets are off with that weird throat noise. I really can't take that.

So what about you, my friends? Do you lose it a little bit when your spouse is sick, or do you Florence Nightingale them back to health? I hope it's not just me.

And so concludes another fine post for the Google archives. Aren't you glad you stopped by?


  1. My husband is terrific when I am sick.
    I am a butt.
    Congratulations on your 55th post.
    I love your blog.

  2. Anonymous7:18 AM

    I think I take pretty good care of hubby when he is sick--I have made him chicken soup in the past--not the kind from a can. He is very tolerant when I am sick, blowing my nose and coughing all night, so, I try to be nice too.

    Hopefully the sickness will be out of your house soon!


  3. I am about where Laura is. I think part of it is my territorial nature. I am home during the day. He is not (supposed to be). So if he is, he is invading my territory.

    Now when I am sick he takes fabulous care of me. I am so, so bad.

  4. I am not very patient when anyone is sick, including me. I can be nice to a point, and then I'm...not nice. Although I do make cups of tea and make sure the kids have medicine and are comfortable (do I have to be nice, too?). My husband is usually not very patient either (we're a great crowd) but the other night he went out to get me Nyquil. He earned a few points.

  5. Aimee, I've just gotta say I'm terribly relieved to know I'm not the only one who doesn't Florence Nightingale it very well... I have some guilt about it, though. I do make the sickies comfortable, & I do clean up after them, but I'm just not the best about clucking around all sympathetic... My husband doesn't like to be messed with when he's sick, so it works out well between the two of us, but I hope my kids don't grow up thinking I only love them when they're not sick!

    Oh, btw ~ I tagged you for a meme! &:o) Happy 500th post!!

  6. Anonymous10:19 AM

    I took care of my husband like Florence until I had children. Ever since he slept soundly through my first labor, asked to watch baseball during my 2nd labor, and felt sick during my 3 c/s, I've seem to have lost my mercy. I am not proud to say I make him fend for himself. I'm so, so, so bad.

  7. Funny... I'm living this RIGHT NOW. On turkey day, Jim started throwing up around 10am-ish. Not only did I have no sympathy, I announced it in front of his family. My reasoning? The man had just returned from playing in their annual 'turkey bowl' football game. If a grown man gets up at 7am, dons multiple layers of clothes, goes out in 30 degree weather to toss a pigskin around with folks he sees only 3-4x a year... no, no sympathy here.
    It really doesn't matter if the football game didn't CAUSE the stomach flu, you know?

  8. doh! and happy 500th Aimee! I'd get you something, but Hallmark's list doesn't tell me what's appropriate for that anniversary year...

  9. Honey has a cold too right now and for the past two nights I have been rudely awakened to that awful throat and nasal clearing noise. He is so sweet and tries to be as quiet as possible by hiding in the bathroom with the door closed before hocking up Slimer but it still wakes me up.

    I try very hard not to grumble and mostly succeed but I'm pretty much like you when it comes to the hubby getting sick.

  10. Brian is sick right now, too (is there some sort of husband virus going around?) and he is making me miserable and driving me crazy. It's like all of a sudden he doesn't know where anything is - medicine, blankets, pillows, and the like - and he wants me to follow him from room to room with the vaporizer. Last night around 11PM, when it was about 30 degrees outside and I have no heater in my car and was getting ready for bed, he asked me if I felt like going to the store to get him some Vicks. Um, no, I don't.

    The other night when Bubba and Bella were both sick and hacking and he commented for the third time that I still had not brought him his medicine, I told him to go to his mother's house if he wanted to be babied. I almost wish that he would take me up on it. I feel your pain, girl.

  11. Ha! He's a grown up, no time for sympathy! Actually I'm somewhere in between. I care for him a bit but easily get annoyed. I'm also no-nonsense when someone is sick. That must come from being the kid of two nurses. There wasn't a lot of sympathy in my house unless I was bleeding to death. A cold, eh, deal with it!
    Congrats on the 500th post and for everyone's sake, I hope your hubby feels better quick!

  12. OH, I am HORRIBLE when he is sick! I lose all compassion and cannot stand to hear him whine. I am not sure why, I guess I resent the extra work but you are definitely not alone!

  13. Anonymous3:47 PM

    I would have to go with probably not Florence Nightengale if it is a cold or something. I tend to grumble about how I just have to suck it up when I am sick, but at least I keep the grumbling to myself.However, major illness_ I am there.
    Mirabella MOM

  14. 500! That's awesome!

    Luckily my husband doesn't get sick very often because when he does he whines and moans a lot. It's very annoying!

  15. I am right there with you Aimee. I seem to lose all patience with my Husband when he is sick. I will try not to do that next time, since he is doing an excellent job of taking care of the kids and the house while I battle this infernal flu. I think it is frustrating because the spouse turns into another needy person, when we are already taking care of kids. I will work on a better attitude.

  16. Anonymous12:59 PM


    Do a search for "man cold" on youtube.com I can promise it will lighten your day! :)



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