Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Arrgh! School Straight Ahead, Me Hearties!

This morning, as I was dropping Fiver off at pediatric rehab for some lengthy testing, I was sharing the road with the school buses. Sally was ecstatic, yelling out "lello bus!" every time we passed one. Which was every 2.3 seconds.

Anyway, as I pulled up to a four way stop, there were school buses at every other stop sign. I looked at the bus directly opposite my van, and something about the driver caught my eye.

He was wearing an eye patch. A bonafide, pirate-y eye patch! (No earrings or hook hands, though.)

I'm sure he was a kind man who was just having some eye problems, but I bet no one crosses him.


  1. I love that visual! Did you check to see if he had a Jolly Roger bumper sticker? ;)

  2. Are ya ready kids? Aye Aye Captain!
    That is so funny. On a serious note, though, I would have thought that eye issues that keep you from seeing out of one eye might preculde one from being a school bus driver. Maybe that's just me, though.

  3. GeeGee3:39 PM

    Ditto, Amy...I sure hope he has one good eye!

  4. I guess a bus could be like a big ship. Hope no one had to walk the plank;)
    My son has been getting picked on on the bus and I asked him the drivers name so I could write a note and have his seat moved. He said her name was Mrs. Puff. My husband and I just stared at him. "Like in Mrs. Puff on Sponge Bob"? "Yes" he replied straight faced. Um, no. I looked it up. It's Mrs. Buffington. Pirates, Sponge Bob, who knew the bus system was so sea worthy.


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