Saturday, August 23, 2008

And Still I Blog

Two years ago today I decided to start a blog, and so was born The Mother Load.

I wanted a place to record all the joys, annoyances, marvels, and travails of our family life. I wanted to have a little hobby that was all my own, and I have come to (mostly) enjoy this little pursuit.

What I didn't count on was meeting all kinds of funny, faithful, kind, and smart people in my comment box and on my travels around the web. That's you, my friends!

I never banked on following you through your chronicles; offering my prayers or support in your comment boxes; wondering how you would handle a specific situation and asking your opinion.

I often address you as "my friends" because that is how I think of you. When I talk with Rob about something one of my friends said, he sometimes has to wonder if I mean a person I've met or an unseen blogger. I can't tell you how many good ideas I've gotten from you, and Rob just chuckles when I start a sentence with "So I was reading this blog . . ."

In this spirit of bloggy friendship, I thought I'd do a bloggiversary giveaway. Woo-hoo!

I am giving away a copy of the book Hello Cupcake by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson. My good friend Amy, both in the blog world and en vivo, showed me this book when she and her gang came over one afternoon and I was smitten. I had to get my own copy, and I love it.

A user's manual for creative cupcake decorations and designs, Hello Cupcake is beyond cute. It's chock full of easy tips and beautiful photos. How can you resist these?:

Little westie dogs!

How real do those corn-on-the-cob cupcakes look?

March of the Penguins . . . right into my mouth!

So here's the deal, my friends. I am giving away one copy of this fun book and if you would like to win it, just leave a comment on this post answering one of these questions:

  1. If you had to train for an Olympic sport, which one would you choose?
  2. What has been your favorite part of the summer? (for those who may be feeling Olympics fatigue)

I will leave the contest open open until Tuesday, August 26th, then I will randomly choose a winner. I might put your names in a hat, or I might utilize the ever so handy It all depends on how tired I am on Tuesday night.

Anyone can enter a comment; bloggers, non-bloggers, long-time readers, newbies. I'll even mail to Canadian or APO/FPO addresses.

Good luck and thanks for making this spot a happy place for me, my friends.


  1. First contestant, eh?

    1. Definitely women's gymnastics (if I had a different body, of course)
    2. Post-surgical pain pills (or maybe an excuse not to go to the pool -- it's a tie)

  2. GeeGee8:55 AM

    1. diving
    2. the days spent relaxing with my grandchildren.

  3. Anonymous9:21 AM

    1. Walking. :) How hard can that training be????

    2. Vacations...beach and Ohio visiting family. Having a week off work to see my family all day every day. Creating special memories in the sand, at Dorney and out back in the kiddie pool.

    -LisaL from Schnecksville

  4. Happy 2 year anniversary! Mine comes up in October ... crazy how fast the time flies.

    1. Volleyball

  5. I am suffering from Olympic fatigue, so I will opt for #2: my favorite summer memory has to be early evening walks with Bubba and Bella - feeding the baby ducks (there has been a duck population explosion in our apartment complex-there are about seven sets of babies with about six to seven babies per set) and picking up trash and looking for turtles and just enjoying having the time to take our time.

  6. Happy Blogoversary!

    If I had to train for one Olympic sport I think it would be the synchronized swimming. It looks like the one sport I may actually be able to do plus I love it.

    The only problem is the creepy looking makeup they wear.

  7. I would have to train for track I think. I would like to do swimming since you don't really get too hot when you're in the water but see, being in the water means that you can't have on any makeup and your hair is all stringy and/or in a cap and I would just look too ugly to be on TV that way. Also, I love all the African women runners hair. So, I guess I'd train for being an African runner. I'm so deep.

  8. Anonymous6:40 PM

    1. No contest: modern pentathalon!

    2. Every moment that I got to sepnd with you and the hooligans this summer!

    Does this mean that I get my name on a McDonald's extra-large cup?

    Happy Hubby

  9. 1. I want to be on one of the rowing teams-
    2. My Boston trip and beach trips were highlights of my summer.
    So glad I found your blog.
    Happy 2 years!

  10. Twin Cities Mama4:00 AM

    1. Ice-skating.
    2. I love not having to wake up early. I also enjoy watching my kids learn how to ride their bikes and swim better. Warm weather and green trees make me happy!!! (Sorry, I love summer so much I couldn't pick just one :)

  11. Anonymous5:52 AM

    Okay, I'll actually answer both because I have a few minutes here...
    I would train for gymnastics because that is something I really enjoy and would like to be able to do. I tried it after the whole Mary Lou craze but as a 9 year old was frustrated when I couldn't master it after 3 days.
    But I love the Michael Phleps saga and the historic medal run. My little sister is a swimmer (and aspiring Olympian someday) and I know how hard she trains at 12 years old. I cannot imagine his workout schedule. My actual favorite part of the whole thing though was his mom and sisters, especially at the end of the 1/100th of a second race when his mom nearly fainted in the stands- now thats some pride there!!!
    Mirabella MOM
    And the #2- everything- we had some great days just relaxing or playing at the park but we also had some wonderful beach days too! Everyday with my family is memorable and fantastic!
    PS Happpy Bloggiversay and Happy Birthday a little early to Fiver!

  12. Anonymous6:25 AM

    Finally, a couple of nimutes when I can actually leave a comment!

    Happy anniversary-how very exciting!

    I would probably train for gymnastics--or maybe that is what I would have trained for back in the day because I am pretty sure I would just hurt myself now!

    My favorite part of the summer was going to Utah and spending time with my family!!! No question!

  13. I love to bake, and I especially love cupcakes. And today is my birthday. Not that I'll be eating any cupcakes.

    1. Running of some kind, because it seems I'm kind of okay at it.

    2. Baseball! Baseball! Baseball!

    Happy Blog-iversary.

  14. My favorite part of the summer has been having my kidlets home. I will miss them when school starts.

  15. Happy Blogiverary!!
    Yes, you are my invisible friend :)

    1. BMX Cycling
    2. Disney :)

  16. Happy bloggy-versary!

    My favorite part of the summer has been being able to play outside with my daughter and watch her for an olympic sport, I'm thinking these days I'm not willing to invest the required time away from my family to get good enough at anything (how's that for a cop out?!) :)

  17. I can't believe I haven't entered your contest yet! Shame on me.

    So here's the answer to question #1. If it's the summer olympics I'm torn between shooting, ping pong or fencing.

    But I'd much rather train for the winter olympics and do some kind of alpine skiing. Not sure if I'd prefer downhill, slalom, combined downhill or freestyle moguls.

    On question #2 my favorite part of the summer will be when my mom finally goes back to her own home next week. I love her bunches and bunches but I can't wait to have only 2 dogs living in my house again.

  18. wow, two years already? Where does the time go!

    i'll answer both since most others did...

    1. That trampoline business looked pretty darn cool

    2. Our recent camping trip down in Delaware.

  19. 1. If you had to train for an Olympic sport, which one would you choose?

    Summer: Synchronized swimming
    Winter: Figure Skating

    2. What has been your favorite part of the summer? (for those who may be feeling Olympics fatigue)

    Spending time with my family... (I'd say Knoebels with my dad... but that's not till Friday)

  20. 1. Ping pong or swirly-scarf dancing.
    2. My favorite part of summer are the lazy days of vacation when you can sleep in, lay by the pool and not have to rush off to work.

    Happy Bloggiversary!!!

  21. Hey Aimee--I do believe I saw your cupcakes in a magazine?

    Found you from T with Honey. If you would like, I would LOVE to feature your cupcakes on (I'm the parenting editor over there)... email me at and I can tell you more. I am now starving for some yummy cupcakes! Hope you'll contact me! Stephanie


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