Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Almost Time

This is it.

This is my last day with Fiver before he heads off to all-day kindergarten. It would be fair to say that I have mixed emotions.

We went to orientation this morning, even though, as he put it, "I don't need this stuff." He is going to the same school as Francie and we have been in and out of that building a thousand and one times. Still, I wanted him to know that his first day is special and not just a blur on my radar.
As I overheard all the other mothers talk about how great it will be to have school in session and how much more time they will have and how much more smoothly their days will go, I couldn't help but feel a little clawing, gnawing feeling inside.

I would be lying if I told you that there were not definite times this summer where I was ready to find the children a year-round boarding school, but as school looms before me I feel like I am stealing moments from the clock.

Since he is a year behind, Fiver has been home with me the longest. He is my buddy in every sense of the word. Francie has always been independent, and in some ways it was easier to let her go. (Don't kid yourself, I still sat in the car and bawled my eyes out on her first day.)

But Fiver? Fiver The Appendage? I'm just hoping to make it to the car before The Ugly Cry.

His school is great, his teachers are fantastic, he will be well cared for, he is over-the-moon excited, but he is not going to be here.

Oh, and tomorrow is his 6th birthday. It's times like this that show me the many merits of homeschooling.

Good thing Rob and I are going out to breakfast after drop-off tomorrow. Maybe I'll be able to hold it together in public.

But I wouldn't bet on it.

PS: I'll pick a winner later tonight for my bloggiversary giveaway. Fiver wants me to make something out of the book for his birthday, so I'll try to post a picture if I don't embarrass myself too badly. That's a big if.


  1. It is great to hear that Fiver is excited. Imagine how much harder it would be if he was reluctant. You'll do great too. I guess I'm not much of a crier, because I didn't shed a tear last year when Princess was the first one to go to school. But then, she and IndieGirl had both been to full-time child care and mother's day out, so maybe that made it easier. I have no idea how I will handle the boys going to school. The Ugly Cry could become part of my story too.

  2. I agree with Nicole--it will be easier since he is excited about it.

    Find a way to make his homecoming after the First Day special. That will help YOU too.

    Guess I am heartless. I never cried when any of the kids went off to school. I leave that to TheDad.

    I hope everyone has a great First Day!

  3. give yourself extra time for those cupcakes! and i cried a lot ob Primo's first day at Kindergarten, too. i'd worry about you if you didn't, too.

  4. Aw Aimee...clawing and gnawing for me last year when mine headed off to K, too. And this year for 1st grade...and I'm betting next year too.

    Our two turn seven on the fourth day of 1st grade this year...so we've got "olders" too, but it doesn't make it any easier.

    Have a big ol' sloppy wet cry if needed. :) Rootin' for you...and Fiver.

  5. Breakfast plans so you don't do the ugly cry... brilliant!
    I hope you handled yourself well!

  6. Anonymous7:57 PM

    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow!! :) Good luck!!

    -Lisa L

  7. I'm sorry. It's so, so hard watching the kids become independent, isn't it? I nearly cried when Micah's principal casually said "he's a big boy now." Hello? Not really what I want someone to tell me about MY BABY!

  8. Anonymous4:01 AM

    Oh, good luck. I'm crossing my fingers for you that it goes well.

  9. Anonymous6:38 AM

    Hope all went well! As a homeschooler I have been blessed to never have to send them off to that first day of school, however that also opens the door to all sorts of other...frustrations!


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