Friday, May 30, 2008

The Eyes Have It

Hey! Guess what we've got on tap for this weekend? It's super fun and it spreads like wildfire.

It's pink eye! Woo-hoo!

Poor Fiver is just streaming globs of goo from his swollen eye, and he is none too happy about the salve that we have to apply twice a day. I personally love the instructions on the tube of medicine: "Apply a thin ribbon of ointment to lower eyelid twice daily for five days." The part that they didn't have room to print on the teeny tiny tube is: "You may want to invest in some protective body armor because applying the thin ribbon of ointment to your freaked out child will be like trying to apply ointment to a rabid wolverine."

So we are raising the yellow flag of quarantine while doing our level best to keep Fiver's hands out of his eyes and off of the other kids. Especially the baby. I do not feel like applying any ribbons of anything to a four month old's eyes.

Maybe I'll just keep looking on the internet for more clips of movies with my new Pretend Boy Friend (PBF), also known as my Movie Boyfriend. Maybe I'll tell you more about him on Monday. Right after I break the news to Rob. And him. (Or maybe I should make you guess his identity?!)

Have a good, eye goop free weekend, my friends.


  1. Oh MAN....I would be freaked out too. I will pray to St. Rita for all of you!

  2. I like the new pic... but there are 6 eggs... are you telling us that you're having twins? :D

  3. beca hawkette: NO! I'm not pulling a Brangelina by whipping up two more kids. I think being pregnant with twins AND a 4 month old might send me over the edge.

    I kind of thought of the brown speckled ones and Rob and me and the smaller blue ones are the kids.

  4. I meant to say "the brown speckled ones ARE Rob and me."

  5. Poor you! Sounds like a real winner of a weekend. For our last bout with pinkeye we got a liquid to dropper into the eyes - much easier than thin ribbons of ointment...

  6. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Oh, no. Goodness, I hope no one else gets it.

    I'm going to guess Matt Damon.

  7. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Sorry to hear about the gooey eyes!
    Hope it leaves without spreading!

    Hey, is the nest pic from your house? We have like a resort going at ours with two nests of eggs in the hanging baskets out front and another under our deck- and I am so not a bird person but the kids think it's great!
    Mirabella MOM

  8. is it possible the pbf is colin firth. i heart him almost as much as john cusack

  9. Oh, I'm sorry! Pink Eye is like a bad word around here. We just never seem to get rid of it without passing it to everyone, and then once again for good measure.

  10. Mirabella Mom: Yes, the nest picture is from our house, and, believe it or not, the nest was in a hanging basket on the front porch. We also have birds who adore the holly tree by the front door. Even though they are scared and fly out of the nest every time someone comes in or out. Birds can be weird.

    Amy: I have harbored a deep and abiding love for Colin Firth for many years now. He is one of my tried-and-true PBFs. But you are close to the right country :)

    Domestic Accident: Matt Damon is another one of my old PBFs. I've enjoyed watching Matty for a long time -especially in the Bourne movies.

  11. Anonymous9:54 PM

    Oh, bless you! We have been through fun! I'll be thinking of you this weekend!


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