Thursday, May 29, 2008

We're All In This Together

Thank you for your comments on last night's post; I knew I liked you, my friends. We are simpatico.

It is comforting to know that we all have those days, and that we can come out on the other side and do better, be better.

I feel calmer today, after a little time and perspective, and I thought I might post something more lighthearted, but you know what? I've decided not to. Instead, I am going to sit with Rob and enjoy the Lost season finale (even though I am profoundly confused as to what the heck is happening). I just need to get back to myself, back to trying to see things from a slightly more humorous slant.

I'll be back, my friends.


  1. Anonymous9:37 PM

    Good call: Taking a break. Chilling. Time out. Relaxing. Laughing. Or staring dazed into the TV. No matter. Anything that helps us steer back to our life, with a fresh perspective. Good luck.


    p.s. i'm always so humbled at the way my son can so easily forgive me...and forget my mistakes...thankfully...i who will never be perfect.

  2. I gave up on the lost finale... I was sooo LOST! I decided blogging/sleeping would be a better past time... my bedroom (which looks like a tornado went through just minutes ago) thinks otherwise

  3. Anonymous11:06 PM

    What the youknowwhat with Lost? Why do I purposefully frustrate myself with that show. How did Locke and Ben make it out?

  4. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Hope your little break helps! I can so relate to needing to take some time to be able to look at the humorous side of life again. I, myself have been a little lost the past few weeks, but I am trying to get back!

    Hope things go better today!

  5. A little time off always helps me out. Hubbers and I sit together at night and chill in front of reruns of Red Dwarf courtesy Netflix.

  6. Anonymous7:47 PM

    Taking a break is soooo important, I just learned this lesson and am trying to instill it in Tom.
    Here's hoping for less chaotic days ahead for all!
    Mirabella MOM
    PS - not a clue with LOST either and Tom keeps asking me to explain the hidden meanings (like I know)


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