Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Get Your Fastnacht On!

Oh, my friends, it's hard to believe that Lent is knocking on my door, but that also means it's Fat Tuesday. And if you've ever spent some time with the Pennsylvania Dutch, then you know it's not simply Fat Tuesday - it's Fastnacht Day!!

I posted about this tradition last year, but I can't refrain from talking about it again. I guess that what makes it a tradition.
Fastnachts are delicious, heavy doughnuts that the Germans in Pennsylvania make only one time a year. It is their last indulgence before the sacrificial season of Lent, and what a way to go out! Every family has their own recipe, or, if you are lazy like me, you can buy them from the local supermarkets or firehouses (provided they have enough little old German ladies left to make them).
Some are made with potatoes, some have holes, some are square, some are covered in powdered sugar, some are plain and then covered in syrup. Any way you look at it, they are some good eats. And they are also considered good luck, so how can you lose?
I plan on getting my hands on a dozen on my way home from seeing Bun, and I'll be sure to eat one in honor of those who have none readily available.
Happy Fastnacht Day!


  1. I love this 'taste of home' and every year my mom is kind enough to express mail a dozen to my house in time for Fat Tuesday.

    I had a Fastnacht for breakfast today! And I'll be having another one for dessert tonight. Then I will promptly hide any that are left over (doubtful this time, they're going quick) so I won't be tempted during the day of fasting tomorrow.

  2. Oh....can i just tell you that i came up with an ever so sinful way to eat these already delicious doughy delights?!
    We found some glazed ones at the store last weekend (we bought our ACTUAL Fastnachts this weekend from the firefighters at the corner by St Cat's!) i took one of the glazed wonders and split it down the middle, then buttered the inside of each half. Then i....oh dare i say it....i threw those babies into a frying pan, ala grilled cheese sandwiches, until they got golden brown on both sides. Then i put them on a plate and put a little bit of turkey syrup on the buttered side.
    i could feel my arteries hardening and my butt getting bigger....but my tastebuds were SINGING the Hallelujah Chorus like it was Christmas Vespers with Fr Baddick!

    Can i just tell you ladies how much i missed Fastnachts while in Florida!

    Fat Tuesday isn't just a day....it's a MISSION!

  3. Yum, those are wonderful things but not good for diets.

    Hope Bun is doing well and getting stronger every day. Can't wait until he comes home!

  4. In Michigan we have Packzi (Poonchky) Day. Apparently the Polish population influenced us more then the Dutch but our Packzi's sound very similar to your Fastnachts - donuts, but always filled with something. Any way you cut it, Fat Tuesday is very aptly named!


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