Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Deep Breathing

Hey! Guess who decided that CPAP just wasn't his bag? Guess who complained all night until the nurses took him off the pressurized air and put him on regular oxygen? And guess who decided that his IV nutrition was a drag and he would really like to start using his mouth?

(Rob snapped this picture in the NICU this morning. The nurse took out the oxygen so he could get a clearer shot of Bun's face. Personally, I enjoy the way Bun has his finger crooked in the brim of his jaunty hospital-issue cap. This kid's got style.)
You, my friends, are some good people. I just wanted you to know.

Your kind words and prayers and encouragement and smiley-face emails have helped me tremendously. More than you know, in fact. They have helped me pull myself up by the bootstraps and realize that I am not the only mother who has spent time in a NICU, her eyes glittering with unshed tears and her jaw gritted with determination, willing her baby to grow and get stronger. You've taken me outside myself, and it's made all the difference.

I am following some good advice from some former NICU moms, and I am using this time to rest and prepare for all the sleepless nights when Bun gets home. I am also finding out that nesting is so much easier when you can see your own feet! There's no big belly to get in the way of all my frenzied organizing and cleaning. Rob has to remind me to rest every once in a while; it's easy to forget that I had a baby less than a week ago when there is no baby here to remind me.
But soon. He'll be here soon . . .
** PS: I just came home from Ash Wednesday Mass, and the choir sang Hosea. When we sang the chorus, I almost cried, but this time because I'm so excited:
"Long have I waited for your coming home to me and living, deeply, our new life."


  1. Anonymous4:28 PM

    Such a handsome guy- especially without tubes and wires. I am so glad he is growing and feeding.

    Sleep, sleep, sleep. Nest later. You know what's coming!

  2. Oh, he looks like one of those newborn DOLLS! He is so beautiful and I'm glad he's making such good progress.
    Now YOU go put your feet up instead of cleaning stuff, OK?

  3. Well, clearly Bun knows what it is going to take to make it in the family. So glad he is doing well. Can't wait for the happy day he goes home with you.

  4. I have a good friend who's going through this right now too - all I can say is it's better that God pick's you strong people to deal with this then weak people like me (do you hear that, God?). You are all in our prayers!

  5. OK, I really want to erase that wandering apostrophe now but it's too late!

  6. I can imagine that some of the nesting and cleaning you are doing is just to stay busy and not worry about Bun so much.

    Grow, Bun, grow!!
    (Although some day I'm sure he'll be just like the others and you'll wish that he stops growing and stays your sweet little boy. Just not now.)

  7. What a cutie! He'll be home soon, hang in there. And rest!

  8. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Yay! He's so handsome! We can't wait to meet him!!
    Aunt C & Uncle T

  9. He is so BEAUTIFUL!! We are all hoping and praying that he'll be home soon. In the meantime, rest, my friend! You know you'll need it!

  10. Anonymous8:15 PM

    So happy he is getting stronger- will continue to pray for all of you. Get some rest- you need to take care of you too- don't forget.
    Mirabella MOM


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