Thursday, February 07, 2008

From the Depths of My Post-Partum Mind

I am tired tonight. I think all of the driving and the leaving over the past few days have left me a little worn out, even though I crave that little Bun like nobody's business. I'd drive anywhere for him.

Still, a tired brain does not good blog fodder make, so I will just leave you with some random thoughts. They are apropos of exactly nothing but feel free peruse them nonethless:

  • At this time last week I was enjoying the Lost premiere in between contractions. This week's episode is much more comfortable, but it seems like a lifetime ago.
  • I forgot how much I enjoy getting my body back after childbirth. It's not remotely close to what it used to be, or should be, but it's mine and I can sleep on my stomach. All night.
  • Bun has a big cephalohematoma thanks to his trip down the birth canal. I know it's harmless, but it still freaks me out. Since it takes months to disappear, Bun will be wearing quite a few hats this season.
  • It's amazing how quickly the mind adapts to circumstances. Last week, I didn't even know how to get to the NICU. At the hospital today, I thought I would rip my hair out if I heard Bun's alarm one more time. Then it went off one more time, and I didn't rip my hair out, I just readjusted him until his oxygen sats rebounded.
  • It pays to remember that Bun's delayed arrival is hard on the whole family. The older three have not laid eyes on him, but they are surrounded by Bun. They are good and generous kids, but they get strung out, too. A little extra lovin' goes a long way.

See? I promised you random, and I delivered. Just because I think so highly of you.


  1. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Not too random... they all have something to do with Bun.

    At least you're being kind to us and posting something on your blog to read. Since returning from vacation I just haven't been able to keep my head straight and the blog is suffering. And I don't have a newborn in the NICU as an excuse.

    Hang in there! We're all loving and praying for your entire family every day.

  2. hi aimee!! sorry i'm a week late in sending my heartfelt love and congrats to you and rob!! bun is such a handsome boy, i'm so happy for y'all!

    praying for you and your family, hang in there!!

  3. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Just think - you made it through the week and a little extra love goes a long way for everyone.
    He will be home soon and everyone will get to be with him- I know it is tough when the kids don't get to see him. We actually got to sneak Annaka in twice at the NICU at LV- the first time she was okay but the second time Ayden was under the billi lights and in the incubator and it totally freaked her out. They do much better when they can hold and touch the little bundle themselves.
    Continuing to pray for all of you.
    Mirabella MOM

  4. HUGS to you girl! I remember what a tough time this is with all the hormones and new baby stuff and I can only imagine how tough it is with Bun in the NICU.
    Thanks for the not so random thoughts and for letting us know what's going on.
    Prayers are going out for you and your family and love is being cyber sent your way :)

  5. yes, i remember the oxygen sat monitor beeping at me, taunting me, keeping my baby in the hospital one more day...
    so glad it is overwith!
    kisses and hugs! and hurrah to the new family!


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