Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Silly Bun . . . Flip-Flops Are For Beaches!

Want to hear the latest? Well, I'll start with the good news:

Bun has moved. Again. And the cord and feet are no longer dangling precipitously over my still-closed cervix, so that means no more worries about cord prolapse or other kinds of bad labor shenanigans (for now anyway).

Now wait for it . . . there it is . . . did you hear that? . . . yeah, that was the other shoe dropping . . .

Bun is still tranverse, but has flipped so that he/she is lying with the length of the back resting above the cervix. The ultrasound picture looks like the kid is kicking back in a hammock, with the head on my left and the fanny on my right. I think that this child has successfully tried every position except vertex.

Where does this leave us? Pretty much in the same place as one week ago. Despite my increased volume of fluid, space really is starting to get tight in there. Our hopes that Bun will just decide to head in the right direction are starting diminish, since it seems that even the side-to-side movements are decreasing due to cramped quarters.

My family doctor and I have had a nice long chat, and of course Rob and I have talked this over every which way to Sunday, and we are going to stick with our original plan. We found another doctor who is willing to help my doctor try a version (it's a team effort kind of thing), and I will probably be going in to the hospital early next week. It all depends on when they have an OR slot available.

All of this makes me a little nervous, to be honest, since none of my options will be a walk in the park. The version is my last ditch effort to get Bun to turn around, and if it works, then I will be induced immediately. If it doesn't work, then I am no worse off than I am now, and I will be headed in for a c-section.

I was up most of the night thinking about my decisions and wondering if they are the right ones. I am struggling with graceful submission in all of this. I know that there is A Plan in place that is better than mine, even though I don't see it now, but I am so stubborn that I keep wondering if there is some way to change a situation that might not be able to be changed. The Serenity Prayer keeps popping into my head, and I feel like I am missing that whole "wisdom to know the difference" part.

My nerves are a frazzled by this point, so I think that this may be the last post about "my options." As of right now, I am letting it go, and I am giving it to God. I have done all I can do with this situation, and I fear that I may have even meddled with it too much already. I am choosing right now to be grateful that I have a healthy baby so far, and that God has given me the opportunity to live in a place where, if I should need one, a c-section is as safe and comfortable as is can possibly be anywhere on the planet. I am choosing graceful submission.

Some prayers would still be welcome, though.


  1. Amy Michelle2:33 PM

    Hang in there, sweetie. Much love coming your way . . .

  2. Of course there are prayers for you. :)

  3. Lining up in prayers here. I'll be having a chat with St. Anne, the Blessed Mother, St. Gerard, Mother Seton, Elizabeth of Hungary, and any others I can think of. Plus St. Anthony for good measure.

  4. Prayers coming your way! It won't be much longer. Try to keep a positive outlook no matter what option ends up happening. Look at the prize your going to have at the end of the race. Yeah, a little Bun! :o)
    Peace to you!

  5. Anonymous7:48 PM

    Of course prayers, I know that everything will work out and in no time you and Rob will be cradling that little bundle. We will all continue to pray for all of you and if there is anything I can do, please don't hesitate to ask.
    Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mirabella MOM

  6. Our prayers are with you.

  7. I'll be thinking of you.

  8. you've been in my prayers for weeks and that's just where you will stay!

    love you hon!!

  9. You have my prayers. Way to struggle towards graceful submission - it never feels as graceful is it really is - but it's certainly grace-filled.

  10. Many prayers for you!

  11. A version isn't so bad, but not fun, either. Roo Boo and theBoy were both transverse - the first a version, the 2nd an emergency C. While either option is no fun, the goal is a healthy little Bun.

    Whatever happens, you know that I'll be keeping you in my prayers.


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