Wednesday, January 30, 2008


On the drive home from school, and after registering him for the Big K (gulp!), I asked Fiver what he did in class. He excitedly told me that they were learning very important things to get ready for kindergarten. How timely.

When I asked what he was learning, he said:

How to be quiet and stand in line!

God bless his teacher for trying . . . .


  1. Those are important things when herding 20 squirmy 5 year olds from one room to another! You are about to have two kids in school--whoa! So am I, but I'm not thinking about it. Seems like it would make me more of a mom or something. ;)

  2. Anonymous9:44 AM

    If you go to DisneyWorld Fiver can have lots of opportunities to practice standing in line. Now if only Disney would sponsor your family to visit while you live blog the trip.

  3. I have one going into K too. Its my 1st, so I'm kinda "gulp" sad. He will be 6 though, since he's a summer birthday and seemed to need that extra year of preschool to slow his butt down. God bless the teacher he ends up with :o) She'll need to tie him up to make him sit still...hee hee. Earn her paycheck that's for sure.

  4. Those are indeed important things. Too funny.


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