Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Last Call

Today is the last day for the HomeFront Baby Pool contest, so be sure to get your guesses in.

Of course, you can always send me a guess any time, just for fun, but if you want to be eligible for a prize then your guess has to show up in my combox before I check it tomorrow morning.

(Much like the way I would slide my college papers under my professors' doors after hours. They said as long as it was there before they came to work in the morning . . .)

Besides, it always pays to remember this little nugget of wisdom: "You can't win it, if you ain't in it!"


  1. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Any clues regarding impending delivery? Any contractions yet? Are you scrubbing a bathroom floor furiously for no good reason? Eaten an entire pineapple just for fun this morning?

  2. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Hopefully you haven't checked your email today yet because I really meant to enter a guess last night but Princess had other plans for my evening.


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