Sunday, January 27, 2008

Odds and Ends

This weekend has been spent in some intensive baby prep, which included cleaning and rearranging furniture. And shopping for new slippers and a robe for myself.

I know this will sound completely indulgent and unnecessary, but for every delivery, I bought myself a new pairs of slippers and a robe for the hospital. Nothing fancy - in fact, I got my robe for 75% off today, which brought the total to a whopping seven dollars - but I just like to know that I will have something fresh and new waiting for me. It almost makes me forget that my abdominals feel like someone beat me with a rolling pin. Mind over matter, my friends.

The nursery is finished, mostly because we didn't have to get anything for the baby except a crib. Sally may think she's a big girl, but she loves her crib and we are not ready to boot her into the escape hatch freedom of a bed just yet. A new crib is a small price to pay for maintaining some semblance of bedtime normalcy, especially when you factor in the sale price and the coupon.

Since I am exhausted, and tomorrow promises to be another busy day (Fiver gets registered for Kindergarten! Ack!), I am leaving you with these few assorted tidbits:

  • If you haven't done so, or if you have been playing your guesses close to the vest, don't forget to enter the Baby Pool! The contest closes this Tuesday!

  • Thanks for all of your kind thoughts on the c-section question. I think most of you know that I was really not trying to harsh on c-sections or the women who have them, elective or otherwise. I am rebelling (as long as safely possible) against the imperious attitude of the doctor, plain and simple. I know that if I end up having a real reason for a c-section, I will have many cool heads giving me the skinny on surgery and recovery. The internet is indeed wondrous.

  • I have added a little index of my favorite posts to my sidebar (see: The HomeFront Sampler Platter). All of the big time blogging gurus (not me) advise the inept blogging wanna-bes (that's me) to add this feature so that readers will not have to comb through your archives to get an idea of who you are and why you blog. Now, I am not presuming that you are combing my archives in a rabid frenzy in search of vital information (heck, I don't even look at my archives all that much), but I do like to use this feature on other blogs, and I am always on the lookout for good ideas to steal borrow.

  • A friend suggested that I play music -ahem - south of the equator to try to get Bun to turn around. It sounds fairly reasonable when taken in consideration with all of the other exercises recommended for BIWPS (Babies In Wrong Positions - That's a Mother Load original, right there), so why can I not stop laughing when I think about sticking a radio between my legs? It's because I have a seventh grader trapped inside me, that's why. And what is the best kind of music for coaxing a baby toward your cervix anyway?

That's all I've got for tonight, my friends, so I am packing it in for the evening. I've got a book waiting, and some new slippers to break in.


  1. I would imagine that playing some Ozzy Osbourne from the top of your belly might turn the bun in the right direction. And no weird questions to answer when Fiver interrupts you. ;)

  2. If you dance along with the music things will surely shift in a hurry I'd think.

  3. I always buy new jammie type clothes for the hospital too. It is way more affordable than Mommy jewelry, and since I will never get anything like that anyway, jammies will have to do. I'm going to post soon about the things I want/need to do to get ready for baby-time. 4 weeks from Wednesday!!


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