Monday, October 22, 2007

East Bound and Down **

It's that time of year again. Leaves are falling, pumpkins are glowing, and Rob is off on a medical mission overseas. And lots of land. Whole continents even. He is going far this time, my friends, all the way to Dushanbe, Tajikistan. (That's in Central Asia, for those who aren't sure and who don't have time to click on the link.)

To be honest, I don't mind saying that I'm a little nervous about this trip. It's no secret that Tajikistan is not in a particularly stable part of the world. It sits above Afghanistan and, all things considered, it's not terribly far from Pakistan. And did I mention that Rob has his layovers in Istanbul? As in Istanbul (not Constantinople) Turkey? And there are a few Turks who are not really feelin' the Americans right now, if you know what I mean. Rob says he thought, in passing, about using his Really Campy Scottish Accent while traveling - the one that makes his Scottish mother, who has a beautiful real accent, shake her head - but he decided to wear a shirt with the Canadian flag instead. I jest. A little.

And let's not forget that I get to be the pregnant and exhausted Go To Parent for two weeks. Let the whining commence. Two weeks is not a long time, and we've been apart for much longer, but it's long enough to make me consider tranquilizers if I dwell on the whole thing.

But of course, it's not all bad. Rob gets to take lots of fun things into Tajikistan for children in an orphanage that his delegation is helping, and he will try to bring us something cool and exotic from Istanbul and Dushanbe. Even more anticipated than souvenirs, is the fact that my mom will be able to help me out on several days while Rob is gone. I am particularly grateful for her help during Francie's school Halloween party, where it is considered bad form if your mom falls asleep in the spooky punch bowl while serving your classmates. Whatever. I could totally pass for a zombie right about now anyway.

Posting may be sporadic or, even worse, all rant, all the time. I can tell that you are looking forward to that kind of thing. Hang with me, though -- if I know you are listening, I might be encouraged to curb my bad attitude. Then again, I might not. It's all one big crap shoot, my friends.

** Supreme bragging rights go to the person who can name the movie in which this song plays.


  1. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Smokey and the Bandit. What do I win :o)

  2. Hey--it is your blog and you can rant and whine all you want! I won't mind. I will say some extra prayers for all of you these next weeks. As hard as it will be, try to relax and let things go if you can. Now is not the time to be SuperMom--it is time to manage what needs to be managed and nothing more. Say no to things you don't want to do, give your kids cereal for dinner, and just focus on survival.
    God will surely reward you and Rob for his service and your sacrifice. Peace.

  3. Hang on. I will keep you, your family and your husband in prayers!

  4. What an opportunity for him! But I've been there before and it's not fun being the one left behind with the kids and the house. We'll keep you (and him!) in our prayers.

  5. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Good luck with everything- if I can help let me know!
    You'll be great and yeah for moms!
    PS - I totally knew Smokey and the bandit as soon as I read it- big thanks to my brother for that one!

  6. :-D I'll say an extra prayer for your hubby, I'd be "concerned" too. But God bless him for doing what he's doing and you for hanging in there. And I totally knew it was Smokey and the Bandit too.

    "East bound and down,
    loaded up and truckin'
    we gonna do what they say can't be done.
    We got a long way to go, and a short time to get there, just watch old bandit run."

  7. I really admire how Rob gives to the world like this, and your sacrifice in allowing him to go to these far off places. It makes teaching 5th grade CCD seem like a such a small thing in comparison.

    Two weeks will seem like forever at moments but I'm sure you'll all survive.

  8. Anonymous5:39 AM


    To: Co-founder, President, and CEO, HOMEFRONTCORP

    From: Chief Medical Officer, HOMEFRONTCORP

    RE: Upcoming Trip

    My dearest wife,

    Thank you so much for allowing me to jet halfway around the world...again. On the one hand, this is a worthwhile venture with a great group of people, delivering care and education to needy people two continents away--it fairly screams "corporal works of mercy". On the other hand, it leaves you with three children for ten days--three loving children, three funny children, three great children, but, nevertheless, THREE children. Simple words cannot express my admiration and thankfulness at you dedication, support, courage, and love. This is why, thirteen and a half years ago, I looked at you and thought, "Hmmm...this is the woman I'm going to marry."

    You are well on your way to another Employee of the Month and, truth be told, you have the inside track to Employee of the Year.

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. How awesome is your Rob? What a beautiful comment!

    I think that you can totally offer every little trial up to the Lord. Think of all the souls who will have you to thank later!

    Love you!

  10. I loved Smokey and Bandit!
    I'm praying for your hubby and for you too! Sending you lots of "patience" vibes :)

  11. What a sweet hubby! He's a keeper.
    I will be praying for you during this time. I get wiped out just thinking about the early pregnacy exhaustion. Whew! Hang in there, Aimee.

  12. awww...your husband's such a showoff! JK - SO sweet! I'm still waiting for mine to comment on ANY of my posts. I will say a prayer for you (I've been regularly praying for your umbilical cord thingy - God know the details, right?). Missions are a sacrifice for everyone but at least he gets a change of scenery! God bless you and I pray that your kids are unseasonally calm and kind for the next 2 weeks.


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