Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Battery Powered

Today is the perfect kind of day - gray, rainy, and suitable for curling up with a good book. There's none of the pressure inherent in sunny days; pressure to be doing something productive. I'd like to be napping, but I have found that this is also the perfect kind of day to make this:

Hmm? What's that? Not exactly sure what this is? It's Fiver's Halloween costume, of course. He chose to be a AA battery this year, in honor of his most beloved obsession. And since there is no such site as "", I came up with the template myself. If you could call wandering around JoAnn Fabrics, picking up random supplies, and praying for inspiration to strike a template.

I finished most of it last night, and when Fiver came downstairs this morning, I fitted it to him and adjusted the shoulder straps. He is not a big fan of the black hat, which is supposed to be the positive terminal of the battery. He sort of fingers the edge and chants to himself, This is part of my costume. Quite frankly, I'm surprised he is wearing this at all, and I think the only thing that makes it bearable for him is the fact that I made it according to all of his specifications. Including the fact that I wrote "AA" on the costume, because, to hear him tell it, that's the most important part. He can't be walking around having anyone thinking he's a "C" or a "D", no self-respecting battery would tolerate those kinds of shenanigans.

Now I just need to make a phoenix costume for Francie. I guess I can't complain about their lack of imagination.


  1. LOL about your "website"

    Our oldest (with Asperger's) always gets excited for Halloween until you ask him what he wants to be or if he is excited to trick or treat. He wants nothing to do with either, and never has wanted to do them. He prefers to hand out candy to "all the customers."

  2. I adore this costume! Can you send it to my house (or leave it at my mom's/your mom's - I can pick it up there) so Princess can wear it some day?

    And a phoenix? Good luck making that costume.

    I got lucky this year. Princess wants to be Abby Cadabby. We already had an angel dress up costume, then I ran into a Danskin dance costume that looks EXACTLY like Abby's tutu/dress. Add a wand and poof! one fairy goddaughter-in-training.

  3. That's awesome. great work! I'll pray for you with the phoenix costume. I don't know what I'd do with that one.

    I just finished the boys' costumes today since the Cub Scout Pack Meeting/Halloween Party is tonight. Primo is a great white shark and Bubba is a necktie. Yes, a necktie.

  4. I LOVE this. Is it possible to rig the costume so it lights up? L-D

  5. Cool costume, Fiver!!

    I think you got off easy with the battery, considering the phoenix is waiting in the wings. I want to see how you do that one.

    Meanwhile, I am still trying to figure out how to make Big Brother look like a can of Dr. Pepper. Less than a week to go in the round, folks! EEEEK!

  6. That is a great costume! I'm very impressed. Good job!

  7. You did a great job! Of course now that you have shown what you can do we are all dyin' to see how the phoenix turns out!

    Kids come up with the most creative ideas. My favorite costume was the year my daughter went as a button.

  8. Do older kids still go tick-tacking? Or has this gone the way of the corn fields?

  9. awesome costume....
    any good thoughts for JB and me?


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