Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Eagle Has Landed

I got a call late last night from the Wandering Physician, and he has made it safely to downtown Dushanbe. (While I was getting into bed on Wednesday night, it was almost 7 am Thursday for him.) The connection was not so great, and he sounded like he was calling me on a tin can. Maybe he was. I think he said the hotel has a business center that may or may not have internet access. I guess it depends on what kind of business you need to do. I don't imagine you need a modem to do a little light goat bartering, but who knows?

I managed to ask him how the flights were, and I got a response that was something like: Long. Very long. There were irate vegetarians, and salmon on their plates, and people were flinging salmon, and I got salmon on my sleeve. And it was long. Apparently the Salmon Debacle made a great impression, maybe because it is Rob's favorite fish and he hates to see it go to waste. Or maybe because he had to lick it off his sleeve. I'm not sure. Just keep all that in mind the next time you need to fly Turkish Airlines.

At any rate, I may or may not be getting emails from him, depending on the fickle whims of the business center, and I'm pretty sure I won't be getting any more calls. He starts his work today, although as I am posting this, his day is done and he is probably going to bed. (It's strange to think that he is already finished with a day I am just starting. Lucky dog.)

All I have to do now is make a phoenix costume and carve some pumpkins, since our township sets a separate date for trick-or-treating and I need to be ready by tomorrow. Apparently, our township supervisors have decided the actual date of Halloween is not really feasible after decades of service. That's another story for another time, my friends.

Thanks for the prayers and well-wishes, and for all the compliments on Fiver's costume. I am thinking you may be seriously underwhelmed by The Phoenix.


  1. Glad he's there safely! Too bad about the salmon. Those crazy vegetarians.
    Hope all is going well for you at home.
    Love the costume!!

  2. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Let's just say the lessons learned by all are:

    1. Do not drink significant quantities of alcohol prior to not receiving your vegetarian meal which you may or may not have properly ordered.

    2. Just because the only language that you (the Indian gentleman) and the airline steward (the Turkish gentleman) can argue in is English, please feel free to use your native tongues, as we are sure that you will get your respective points across just as effectively.

    3. Keep gestures to a minimum.

    4. If I encounter a sausage on Friday after Ash Wednesday and before Easter Sunday, I steer around it and quickly forget it. Perhaps there is a larger life lesson there for other individuals.

    Hi from Dushanbe! All is well here. We're having fun talking with the physicians here and comparing notes about their maternity care and ours. The weather is nice. The food is very kabob-y, although I did have a fajita tonight at an Ecuadorian restaurant that gets its food from Turkey.

    Go figure.

    Love to all, especially my brood. I'll email again when I save up enough goats for a dial up card!

    Tajik Rob

  3. Do not cross the vegetarians. Obviously they can get dangerous when riled. But I'm glad he's there safely now.

    Looking forward to the Pheonix costume. That ought to be good.


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